John Lott's talks and seminar notes

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Talks and seminar notes (PDF files unless otherwise indicated)

(2024) Positive scalar curvature on noncompact manifolds (Frontiers of Geometric Analysis, in Honor of Gang Tian's 65th Birthday, Santa Cruz)

(2024) Questions involving scalar curvature and simplicial volume (International Young Seminar on Bounded Cohomology and Simplicial Volume)
(2023) The solution of a Ricci pinching conjecture about 3-manifolds (Geometry and Analysis of Groups and Manifolds, Pisa)
(2021) Chern-Simons, differential K-theory and operator theory (Chern-Simons and Other Topological Field Theories, MSRI)
(2021) Some rigorous results about the past and future behavior of expanding vacuum spacetimes (Mathematical General Relativity, Oberwolfach)
(2021) Comparison geometry of holomorphic bisectional curvature, and limit spaces (Penn Geometry and Topology Seminar)

(2019) Long-time behavior in geometric flows (Geometry at Infinity, Muenster)
(2015) 3D Ricci flow since Perelman (AMS meeting, Fullerton, CA)
(2013) The transverse index problem for Riemannian foliations (Control, Index, Traces and Determinants, Conference held in the honor of Jean-Michel Bismut, Orsay)
(2011) Evolution of three-dimensional Ricci flows (Kinetic Theory, Optimal Transport, Probability, Geometry: Old and New, Conference held in the honor of Cedric Villani, Ecole Normale Superieure)
(2009) The geometry of the space of measures and its applications (Perspectives in Mathematics and Physics, for I.M. Singer's 85th birthday, MIT)

(2008) Optimal transport and Perelman's reduced volume (MSJ-SI meeting Probabilistic Approach to Geometry, Kyoto)
(2007) Curvature of metric spaces (AMS-SMM meeting, Zacatecas, Mexico)
(2006) The work of Grigory Perelman (powerpoint file, light background) (ICM 2006, Madrid)
(2006) The work of Grigory Perelman (powerpoint file, dark background) (ICM 2006, Madrid)
(2006) The Ricci flow approach to 3-manifold topology (Colloquium talk, University of Miami)

(2005) Optimal transport and nonsmooth geometry (MSRI Workshop on Optimal Mass Transport and its Applications)
(2005) Introduction to Perelman's work (Clay Summer School on Ricci Flow, Three-Manifolds and Geometry, at MSRI)
(2005) Notes by Hans-Joachim Hein of lectures by Bruce Kleiner and John Lott (Clay Summer School on Ricci Flow, Three-Manifolds and Geometry, at MSRI)
(2002) Superconnections in geometry, commutative and noncommutative (MSRI Workshop on Conformal Field Theory and Supersymmetry)
(2000) Differential forms, spinors and bounded curvature collapse (AMS Special Session on Riemannian Manifolds and their Limit Spaces, Columbia)