Marc A. Rieffel,
Department of Mathematics, #3840
University of California,
Berkeley, CA 94720-3840, USA.
(510) 642 6550 Fax: (510) 642 8204

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    The research papers that I have written since around 1995 can be found on the arXiv .

    Click below for PDF files of some of my older papers:

    Quantization and C*-algebras, Contemporary Mathematics 167 (1994) 67-97.

    Compact Quantum Groups associated with Toral Subgroups, Contemporary Mathematics 145 (1993) 465-491.

    Some solvable quantum groups, in Operator Algebras and Topology, Pitman Research Notes 270 (1992) 146-159.

    Deformation Quantization and Operator Algebras, Proceedings of symposia in Pure Mathematics 51 (1990) 411-423.

    Non-Commutative Tori - A Case Study of Non-Commutative Differentiable Manifolds, Contemporary Mathematics 105 (1990) 191-211.

    Proper actions of groups on C*-algebras, Mappings of operator algebras (Philadelphia 1988), 141-182, Progr. Math. 84, Birkhauser, Boston, MA, 1990.

    Projective modules over higher-dimensional non-commutative tori, Canadian J. Math. 40 (1988), 257-338.

    Yang-Mills for noncommutative two-tori (with A. Connes), Contemporary Mathematics 62 (1987) 237-266.

    The homotopy groups of the unitary groups of non-commutative tori, J. Operator Theory 17 (1987) 237-254.

    Nonstable K-theory and non-commutative tori, Contemporary Mathematics 62 (1987) 267-279.

    Connes' analogue for crossed products of the Thom isomorphism, Contemporary Mathematics 19 (1982) 143-154.

    Morita equivalence for operator algebras, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics 38 (1982) Part I, 285-298.

    Applications of strong Morita equivalence to transformation group C*-algebras, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics 38 (1982) Part I, 299-310.

    Unitary representations of group extensions; an algebraic approach to the theory of Mackey and Blattner, Studies in analysis, pp. 43--82, Adv. in Math. Suppl. Stud., 4, Academic Press, New York-London, 1979.

    Dentable Subsets of Banach Spaces, with Application to a Radon-Nikodym Theorem, Proceedings of the Conference on Functional Analysis, Thompson Book Co. Washington, 1967.

    Old lecture notes from a first-year graduate-level course on measures and integration, that develop the Bochner integral in an elementary way, can be found here: Lectures on Bochner-Lebesgue Integration. .