Qiuyu Ren


I am a third year PhD student in pure mathematics at UC Berkeley working with Ian Agol. My research interests include low-dimensional topology (mostly 4-manifolds and knot theory) and some symplectic geometry.

Here is my cv (11/30/2023).

Ongoing/Upcoming Events

Past Events


Below are some purely expository papers. Read with caution.
Toric Varieties in Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry (final paper for MATH 256A, UCB Fall 2021)
Equivariant de Rham Theory (notes for an independent reading course, MIT Spring 2020)
Linear Fractional Transformations on the Berkovich Projective Line (final paper for an independent study course in p-adic analysis, MIT Spring 2019)
Spectral Properties of the Laplacian on Compact Lie Groups (one of the projects for 18.821, MIT Fall 2020; see the end to see my part of writing)
Conjugacy of Cartan Subalgebras (final paper for 18.745, MIT Fall 2019)
Complex Analytic Proofs of Bernstein's Theorem (final paper for 18.994, MIT Spring 2020; I wrote Section 4 and 6)
Points of Continuity of Real Functions on the Real Line (random thing asked by a friend)


I am a marathon runner. I won first place in the Baystate Half Marathon (under 20 age group), 2018. I won third place in the Baystate Marathon (20-29 age group), 2019. I won third place in the Berkeley Half Marathon (20-29 age group), 2022. Here is a photo of me. Currently I am taking a temporary retreat from running.
My PRs are 1:19:02 (02/27/2022 Berkeley Half Marathon); 2:38:07 (12/04/2022 California International Marathon (CIM)).