Archived articles by Kenneth A. Ribet

As John Ewing has stressed, it is important to make past literature available in digital form. According to an article in the Notices of the AMS, many publications from the 1970s and 1980s can now be found online. William A. Stein has harvested quite a bit of the literature in number theory and arithmetic geometry. He suggested that I provide links on my web site to articles that I have written.

This page is the result of his suggestion. I have listed the majority of my articles as they appear on MathSciNet. I have added several items (e.g., book reviews and one theater review) that are unknown to MathSciNet. In what follows, the majority of the titles are links to digital versions of articles. The files that the links point to are varied in kind. In some cases, I have simply provided .pdf versions of the TeX files that I prepared before an article was published. The most interesting links are to scanned versions of older articles from journals. Links to JSTOR are followed by the JSTOR logo JSTOR. Although a subscription is required to access these articles (and at least one more), most academic institutions have access to JSTOR and to the archives of major research journals.

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