This page hosts links to academic resources, MUSA links, math departmental info, and other organizations which may be of interest to you.

Academic Resources

  • The Student Learning Center offers free tutoring in all lower division math courses and the core upper division math courses, as well as some stats courses. See their website for drop-in times, the topic review calendar, and other info.

  • The math department and Tau Beta Pi both host exam banks with past midterms and finals for many courses. MUSA also has a collection of exam cheat sheets.

  • Connecting tutors and people who want tutoring:
    Tutors can input their information here, and people who want tutoring can input information here.
    Tutor information can be viewed here, and the information of people who want tutoring can be viewed here.
    We will clear the responses at the end of each semester to prevent temporal confusion. Please note that it's up to you to connect with people on these spreadsheets.

  • MUSA is keeping a repository of sample graduate school applications generously submitted by current Berkeley grad students. If you know any grad students who might be willing to submit their essays, please send them our way - thank you!

  • The annual Putnam exam is the preeminent math competition for undergraduates in the US and Canada, and takes place on the first Saturday of December. For general information see the MAA page. Berkeley offers a 191 course every fall that is a seminar on Putnam preparation; the link to sign up is often found on the course website. There is also a past Putnam exam archive.

  • The math department holds five distinguished lecture series each year. MUSA also holds the Pauline Sperry Lecture annually.

  • Want to learn some math? Keith Conrad has a page with helpful expository articles on a variety of mathematical topics. Additionally, the AMS has Open Math Notes which are freely downloadable.

Schedule Planning

MUSA Resources

  • The MUSA linktree has links to join our weekly newsletter and our discord, information about MUSA decals, an anonymous feedback form, and other useful links.

  • MUSA's Professional Resource Guide has course advice, interview prep tips, and other resources for careers in applied math!

  • We are collecting our members' resumes to better serve as a liaison between math undergraduates and the professional world! If you are interested in having your resume shared with companies who sponsor us, please upload them to our Resume Drop Form.

  • We are accepting pre-orders for our merch, so if you want to make sure a hoodie or shirt is set aside for you, fill out this preorder form and your order will be added to the next batch of merch. Note that right now, this will likely be significantly slower than purchasing a non-pre-ordered hoodie.

  • Say hi to the President! MUSA Exec Chats

  • LaTeX is a typesetting system used broadly in the sciences, and most upper-divs recommend do your homework using it. The slides from our Fall 2023 LaTeX workshop and other latex resources are on our academic page. We typically have a LaTeX workshop every semester and occasionally host an advanced LaTeX workshop.

  • Check out the slides from MUSA's first Spring 2024 general meeting!

Department Resources

  • The Math Department has an EdStem page and a mailing list. Links to both can be found on the MUSA linktree.

  • The Math Departmental Calendar has a list of upcoming talks, and the Math Seminars page has a schedule of this semester's graduate seminars.

  • Liza Jacoby, a graduate student representative on the equity and inclusion committee has weekly office hours Wednesdays, 9:00 AM–11:00AM at Evans 1057. This is a safe and confidential space to talk about experiences and bring up issues to the department.

  • Evans room reservations can be made here. You can also check room availability at 25live.

  • If you're interested in attending graduate seminars, here is the Math 290 Seminar Schedule.

  • Other math departmental resources may be found on the math department's resources page.

Other Organizations

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