We hold office hours and run events with the help of volunteers from the Berkeley mathematics community. Most of our officers are familiar with many of the math courses required for the math and applied math majors.

Becoming a MUSA officer is a great way to get involved. If you're interested, keep an eye on our mailing list in August!

We also have an incomplete list of former officers.

Ben Eisley (he/him)Hello there! I am a third year math major from Santa Rosa (Northern California). I am in two Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and in my free time I enjoy reading books by Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaiman, Terry Prattchet, and more. I also love the outdoors, and occasionally get lost in the snow or backpack through 135 degree weather. Oh, and I enjoy talking about philosophy! I look forward to meeting you at the next MUSA meeting!
Ben Eisley (he/him)Ben Eisley (he/him)
Alex Olhava (he/they)Salvē! I am Alex Olhava and I am a second year Math major and student of Latin (no major). I am still exploring a lot of math, but right now my favorite objects in math are manifolds. I have a lot of thoughts on music and books, so come stop by the office if you want to talk about that or, of course, being a math student at Berkeley.
Vice President
Alex Olhava (he/they)Alex Olhava (he/they)
Rhea Kommerell (she/her)Hi! I’m a fourth year majoring in Pure Math. One of the things I love most about math is how cool my fellow math people are, so I’m excited to meet you! In my free time you’ll find me pretending I know how to embroider, underestimating how long ambitious cooking projects will take (dinner at 10 pm anyone?), playing tabletop games, and having friendly debates.
President Emeritus
Rhea Kommerell (she/her)Rhea Kommerell (she/her)
Jad Damaj (he/him)Hi! I’m a junior majoring and math and minoring in logic. I’m mainly interested in model theory and set theory. In my free time, I enjoy running and playing the guitar.
Academic Chair
Jad Damaj (he/him)
Nir Elber (he/him)Hallo! I’m a current third-year intending to major in mathematics, my mathematical interests being mostly number theory and number theory. I am also known to play Spelunky, read science fiction, use TeX, and fold origami, all in various amounts of excess.
Academic Chair
Nir Elber (he/him)Nir Elber (he/him)
Hui Sun (she/her)I am a senior majoring in math. I am interested in analysis and PDE’s. I like to read Russian novels in my free time.
Diversity Chair
Hui Sun (she/her)Hui Sun (she/her)
Srinidhi Karuppusami (she/her)Hi! I’m Srinidhi (pronounced shree-nith-ee, don’t worry most people don’t get it on the first try so I appreciate any genuine attempts) and I’m from the Bay Area and India. I’m a second-year applied math major and part of the CalTeach program (hopefully will be a teacher someday!). As much as I enjoy learning math, I love teaching it. In my free time I like to read, listen to all kinds of music, cook, and go hiking.
Diversity Chair
Srinidhi Karuppusami (she/her)
Alex "Greenbean" Bouquet (any)Hello~! I’m a fourth year planning to major in Math and Physics. Outside of academics I’m also interested in competitive yoyoing, diabolos, anime, and video games, so if any of those sound fun to you please come and chat with me!! I also really like noodles! Noodles are cool! We should make noodles together!!
Finance Chair
Alex "Greenbean" Bouquet (any)Alex "Greenbean" Bouquet (any)
Joshua Mata (he/him) Hi! I’m a junior majoring in applied math, economics and minoring in mechanical engineering. I transferred from College of the Redwoods and I’m also a reentry student. In my free time, I enjoy working on numerous mechanical and entrepreneurial projects, sports of any kind, and playing guitar.
Finance Chair
Joshua Mata (he/him)Joshua Mata (he/him)
Wade McCormick (he/they)Hi! My name is Wade and I’m currently a fourth(ish) year Math major. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life, and I transferred from Diablo Valley College in Fall 2021. I’m mainly interested in vaguely algebraic stuff™, but I’m open to learning about anything. Outside of math, I enjoy hanging out with friends and exploring the Bay with them. I’m also a big talking fan, so feel free to chat if you ever stop by. (Please don’t talk to me about accounting.)
Finance Chair
Wade McCormick (he/they)
Aren Martinian (he/they)Hi! I’m Aren, a 3rd year majoring in Math and minoring in Physics. I love exploring "aha" moments and using them to fuel insight in both myself and others, and consequently love to teach. In my free time you can find me reading, playing video games, and listening to/playing music on the saxophone. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything!
Outreach Chair
Aren Martinian (he/they)
Carly Tran (she/her)Hi, I’m Carly! I’m a first year from San Jose, CA majoring in Applied Mathematics. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, running, going to the gym, and doing anything outdoorsy! Feel free to stop by during my office hours to talk about math, or just to say hi!
Outreach Chair
Carly Tran (she/her)
David Zhang (he/him)Hi, I’m a third year studying math and CS, with a vague interest in "shapes." I also like running, hiking, cooking food and eating it.
Outreach Chair
David Zhang (he/him)
Jingyuan Chen (he/him)Hi, I’m Jingyuan — I’m a second year mathematics and statistics major. Outside of mathematics, I am interested in high powered rocketry and analog photography.
Professional Chair
Jingyuan Chen (he/him)Jingyuan Chen (he/him)
Medhika Athreya (she/her)Hi! I’m a second-year from Chicago studying applied math and computer science. Outside of academics I love baking (cheesecake especially!!!), listening to music, reading (pretty much anything under the sun) and painting with acrylics.
Professional Chair
Medhika Athreya (she/her)Medhika Athreya (she/her)
Akshay Rao (he/him)Hello! I am a third year tranfer from the South bay, double majoring in applied mathematics and computer science. In my free time I enjoy music, weight lifting, watching horror game let’s plays, learning about the brain, and interesting domains of applied math (which for me currently are dynamic modelic, stochastic processes, and quantum algorithms). Courses I’m familiar with: Math 1A, 1B, 53, 54, 55, 110, 113; CS 61A, 61B. Feel free to start a conversation about absolutely anything with me at!
Publicity Chair
Akshay Rao (he/him)
Vidya Venkatachalam (she/her)Hi! I’m Vidya, and I am a sophomore from Chicago intending to major in applied mathematics and economics. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, dancing Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance), trying new foods, hiking, and meeting new people. Feel free to stop by during my office hours to talk about math or anything else!
Publicity Chair
Vidya Venkatachalam (she/her)
Erica Pan (she/her)Hi! I’m Erica, a freshman (intending to) major in Applied Mathematics and minor in music and data science! I’m still exploring what area of math I like the most, but I’m currently really enjoying Math 74. A couple fun facts about me, I’ve been a dancer (ballet and jazz) for 14 years and a violinist for 9 years! I really enjoy reading mystery, fantasy, and YA novels in my free-time. If you’re reading this, don’t hesitate to come say hi!
Social Chair
Erica Pan (she/her)
Varun Kabra (he/him)Hey! I’m a senior intending to major in mathematics and physics. I love swimming and used to pursue the sport competitively. Courses I’m familiar with: Math 1A/1B, Math 53, Math 55, CS 61A, CS 61B, Physics 5A, Physics 7
Social Chair
Varun Kabra (he/him)
Zain ShieldsHello everyone! My name is Zain and I am a fourth year Math major. In my free time, I like to play board games, speedrun, and play dungeons and dragons. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to talk about your love of math with another person, or if you need help.
Social Chair
Zain Shields
Herman Malik (he/him)Hello! I’m Herman, a second-year math major from San Diego. I like lots of random different areas of math and also music, books, running, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors. I’m looking forward to meeting you, so don’t hesitate to say hi!
Herman Malik (he/him)Herman Malik (he/him)