Lounge and Merch

The MUSA lounge (or office) is 938 Evans, located between the courtyard and the back elevators. Come pay us a visit to buy food, sweaters, and other goodies, get information about upcoming events, look at our reference texts, use our microwave, library, or printer, or just relax and chat about math and life!

Office Hours

We're open from 9 AM to 5 PM on most weekdays. If you're looking for a particular officer, see our office hours below. To learn more about us, see our list of officer bios.

9:00 AMHerman Malik, Nir ElberJosh MataAlex OlhavaZain ShieldsAren Martinian
10:00 AMHui SunWade McCormickHui SunZain ShieldsJingyuan Chen
11:00 AMAren MartinianWade McCormickJingyuan ChenCarly TranAlex Olhava
12:00 PMMedhika AthreyaVidya VenkatachalamRhea KommerellVarun KabraGreenbean Bouquet
1:00 PMMedhika AthreyaVidya VenkatachalamDavid ZhangVarun KabraDavid Zhang
2:00 PMGreenbean BouquetErica PanJad DamajErica PanCarly Tran
3:00 PMSrinidhi KaruppusamiNir ElberJad DamajBen EisleySrinidhi Karuppusami
4:00 PMHerman MalikRhea Kommerell, Josh MataAkshay RaoBen EisleyAkshay Rao


We sell Berkeley Mathematics shirts and hoodies, which come in navy blue and gray. T-shirts are $15, long-sleeve shirts are $20, crewneck sweaters are $25, and hoodies are $30. We accept Venmo and cash. (Buy our merch!!)
We are accepting pre-orders, so if you want to make sure a hoodie or shirt is set aside for you, fill out this form and your order will be added to the next batch of merch. Note that right now, this will likely be significantly slower than purchasing a non-pre-ordered hoodie.

andrew in sexy MUSA shirtanthony and ning repping the MUSA drip


The most up-to-date snack prices are in the lounge on the fridge door. Our prices are in fact lower than the vending machine on the ground floor.

MUSA Snack Prices
Ice Cream Bars$1.50
Hot Pocket$1.25
Capri Sun$0.50
Coconut Water$1.75
Red Bull$2.75
Chocolate Milk$1.00
Yerba Mate$3.00
Cup Noodles$0.75
Tonkotsu/TanTanMen Cup$2.75
Classic Chips/Cheez-Its/Popcorn$0.50
Fruit by the Foot$0.75
Milano Cookies$0.50
Trail Mix$0.75
Soft & Chewy bars0.25

a picture of yummy MUSA snacks. come buy them pls