Mathematics 10A

Fall, 2016
TuTh 3:40-5:00PM, 2050 VLSB

Introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable. Representation of data, elementary probability theory, statistical models, and testing.
Professor Kenneth A. Ribet
Telephone: 510 642 0648
Fax: (510) 642-8204
Office hours (885 Evans Hall)
math 55
lecture of the spring, 2015 semester
"I could sleep a full 8 hours, drink coffee, and still feel extremely sleepy in his class."
"He really cares about his students and he's willing to get to know his students! Lectures are pretty well organized. The combination of boardwork and slides is very effective"
"the lectures to me felt like a blockbuster gift card."

GSI Office Hours

Who? Where? When?
Jess Banks FSM Cafe M, Th 10-11
Daniel Lowengrub 1093 Evans M 2-3, W 6-7
James McIvor 822 Evans M 4:30-6:30,W 12:30-1:30
Nima Moini 1019 Evans M 6-7, W 9-10
Jim Robertson 1085 Evans TuTh 11-12
Franco E Vargas Pallete 775 Evans M 1-2,Th 9:30-10:30
Theodore Zhu 816 Evans M 12-1, Th 1-2

Discussion Sections

Section Time Room GSI
101 8AM 205 Dwinelle Franco Vargas Pallete
102 8AM 110 Barker Jess Banks
103 9AM 87 Evans Jess Banks
104 5PM 250 Dwinelle Daniel Lowengrub
105 9AM 187 Dwinelle Franco Vargas Pallete
106 8AM 122 Barrows Nima Moini
107 4PM 118 Barrows James Robertson
108 12PM 81 Evans Nima Moini
109 1PM 3 Evans Daniel Lowengrub
111 2PM 81 Evans James McIvor
113 3PM 9 Evans James McIvor
114 3PM B56 Hildebrand James Robertson
115 4PM 85 Evans Theodore Zhu
116 5PM 2 Evans Theodore Zhu


Our primary textbook will be the Berkeley custom edition of Calculus for the Life Sciences by S.J. Schreiber et. al. cover
of textbook.
We will also be using three .pdf files that you can find in the "Online textbook" folder on bCourses.


Please do not plan travel on the dates of these exams. If you believe that you have a conflicting obligation because of an intercollegiate sport or other extracurricular activity, please speak with the instructor immediately.

Class schedule

Our course will parallel the pacing of Math 10A, Lecture 2, which is being taught this semester by Professor R. Bamler.

Aug. 25
Intro to the class
Aug. 30
Limits of sequences
Limits of functions
Sept. 1
More on limits
What is a derivative?
Sept. 6
Study of derivatives
§§2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2
Sept. 8
§3.3: Chain rule and implicit differentiation
§3.3: Derivatives of logs
§3.4: Derivatives of trigonometric functions
Sept. 13
§3.5: Linear approximation
§3.6: Higher derivatives and associated approximations
§3.7: l'Hôpital's rule
Sept. 15
Curve sketching
Max/min problems
Sept. 20 Catch up and review
Sept. 22 First Midterm Exam
Sept. 27
Infinite series
(§7 of "Differential_calculus.pdf")
Sept. 29
More on infinite series
Antiderivatives and area
Oct. 4
The definite integral
Fundamental theorem of calculus
Oct. 6
More about integrals and areas
Riemann sums
Oct. 11
Substitution and change of variables
Integration by parts
Oct. 13
More integration by parts
Numerical integration
Oct. 18 Applications of integration
Oct. 20 Differential eqations and dynamics
Oct. 25
Area under the Gaussian curve
Pre-exam questions
Oct. 27 Last Midterm Exam
Nov. 1
Probability spaces and random variables
(Ch. 7 of Schreiber and the Prob-Stat notes)
Nov. 3
Histograms, PDFs, CDFs
(Schreiber, §7.1)
Nov. 8
Expected values
Normal Distribution
(Schreiber, §§7.2-7.3)
Nov. 10 Variance, independence
Nov. 15
Law of Large Numbers
Central Limit Theorem
Nov. 17
Data and statistics
Maximum likelihood
Nov. 22
Hypothesis testing
Nov. 29 The Z-test
Dec. 1
The T-test
Class photo
Dec. 6 RRR week
Dec. 8 RRR week


Homework will be due in your discussion section. Collaboration on the homework is encouraged, but students must write their own solutions after consultation with classmates. At the end of the course, your composite homework score will be the sum of all but your two lowest scores, plus 0.5 times your next-to-lowest score. In other words, we will drop everyone's lowest 1 1/2 scores.
  1. Homework due Wednesday, August 31:
  2. Homework due Wednesday, September 7:
  3. Homework due Wednesday, September 14:
  4. Homework due Wednesday, September 21:
  5. Homework due Friday, September 30
  6. Homework due Friday, October 7
  7. Homework due Friday, October 14:
  8. Homework due Friday, October 21:
  9. Homework due Friday, October 28:
  10. Homework due Friday, November 4:
  11. Homework due Monday, November 14:
  12. Homework due Monday, November 21
  13. Homework due Wednesday, December 7

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Course grades will be based on a composite numerical score that is intended to weight the course components roughly as follows: midterm exams 20% each, homework 10%, quizzes 15%, final exam 35%.

The last day to add or drop this course is the day after the first midterm. Analogously, the last day to change your grading option is the day after the second midterm. Incomplete grades will be assigned only to students for whom a documented medical, personal or family emergency precludes completion of the course. Students receiving such grades are required to have been doing work of passing quality up to the intervention of the emergency.

You can deduce the composite grade distribution for this course for 2012 and 2014 from schedulebuilder. I calculated that the grade distribution was 31% A, 37% B, 24% C, 8% D/F, but you might want to check my work.

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