George M. Bergman -- undergraduate course materials

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Introduction. This webpage contains material of various sorts that has come out of undergraduate courses I have taught; mostly supplementary notes, supplementary exercises, and collections of answers to students' questions from upper division courses.  Most of the handouts are PostScript files; a few are in pdf.  (The source files are in locally enhanced troff, so I can't provide TEX files, but here is a link  to software that can be used in viewing PostScript on a Windows system.)  The collections of answers to students' questions are in plain text.  I required submission of such questions in my non-giant-lecture courses, so the undergraduate courses for which I have such collections are the upper division ones, and honors calculus.

Non-text-specific handouts.  I begin with the mathematical handouts, ordered roughly according to the level of the course in which it was used. 

Here is some non-mathematical material relevant to mathematics students:
  • Text-specific handouts.    These are mostly additional exercises that I have put on homework sheets when teaching from the text in question.  Some of the exercises are comparable in difficulty to those in the text, but fill a gap or give some interesting perspective on the material.  Others I have not assigned, but have noted on the homework sheets that "students interested further interesting and/or in more challenging problems" might like to look at them; these might be appropriate for an honors course in the same material. 

    Here are the collections for lower-division courses:

           The next few items concern texts for upper-division courses, and along with supplementary exercises, they include files labeled "Answers to students questions".  In these courses, I require every student to submit a question on each day's reading.  I incorporate the answers to some of these into my lectures; others I answer by e-mail.  I maintain cumulative web-pages of answers sent by e-mail on points that seemed important enough that other students in the class might want to refer to them.  (See the handout Mathematical symbols in e-mail above for the conventions I follow regarding such symbols in these answers.)  Some of the answers in these files have been edited retrospectively to improve clarity etc. 
           Unfortunately, answers to the questions asked by the greatest numbers of students may not get into these files, since they are answered in class.  Files of the same sort for my graduate courses (only one so far) can be found at the end of my page of graduate course materials