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315. Maximal Mumford Curves from Planar Graphs (with Mario Kummer and Raluca Vlad), 22pp, submitted to Journal of Algebraic Geometry.

314. Minimal Kinematics on M0n (with Nick Early and Anaëlle Pfister), 18pp, submitted to Moduli.

313. The Chow-Lam Form (with Lizzie Pratt), 20pp to be presented at MEGA 2024.

312. The Two Lives of the Grassmannian (with Karel Devriendt, Hannah Friedman and Bernhard Reinke), 18pp, submitted to Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Mathematica.

311. Coupled Cluster Degree of the Grassmannian (with Viktoriia Borovik and Svala Sverrisdóttir), 13pp, submitted to Journal of Symbolic Computation.

310. Positive del Pezzo Geometry (with Nick Early, Alheydis Geiger, Marta Panizzut and Claudia Yun), 34pp, submitted to Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré Comb. Phys. Interact..

309. Algebraic Varieties in Quantum Chemistry (with Fabian Faulstich and Svala Sverrisdóttir), 27pp, to appear in Foundations of Computational Mathematics.

308. Tropical Implicitization Revisited (with Kemal Rose and Simon Telen), 18 pp, chapter for a book about the OSCAR Computer Algebra System.

307. Self-Dual Matroids from Canonical Curves (with Alheydis Geiger, Sachi Hashimoto and Raluca Vlad), 33pp, to appear in Experimental Mathematics.

305. Gibbs Manifolds (with Dmitrii Pavlov and Simon Telen), 22pp, to appear in Information Geometry.

304. Recovery of Plane Curves from Branch Points (with Daniele Agostini, Hannah Markwig, Clemens Nollau, Victoria Schleis, Javier Sendra-Arranz), 20pp, to appear in Discrete and Computational Geometry.

303. Recovery from Power Sums (with Hana Melánová and Rosa Winter), Experimental Mathematics 33 (2024) 225-234.

306. Taylor Polynomials of Rational Functions (with Aldo Conca, Simone Naldi and Giorgio Ottaviani), in Acta Mathematica Vietnamica 49 (2024) 19-37.

302. Likelihood Geometry of Determinantal Point Processes (with Hannah Friedman and Maksym Zubkov), Algebraic Statistics 15 (2024) 15-25.

301. Subspaces Fixed by a Nilpotent Matrix (with Marvin Hahn, Gabriele Nebe and Mima Stanojkovski), Orbita Mathematicae 1 (2024) 1-15.

300. Toric Geometry of Entropic Regularization (with Simon Telen, François-Xavier Vialard and Max von Renesse), Journal of Symbolic Computation 120 (2024) 102221.

299. Making Waves (with Marc Härkönen and Jonas Hirsch), La Matematica 2 (2023) 593-615.

298. Primary Decomposition with Differential Operators (with Yairon Cid-Ruiz), International Mathematics Research Notices 14 (2023) 12119-12147.

297. D-Modules and Holonomic Functions (with Anna-Laura Sattelberger), 36pp, presented at the Math+ Fall School in Algebraic Geometry (FU Berlin, October 2019).

296. Moment Varieties for Mixtures of Products (with Yulia Alexandr and Joe Kileel), Proceedings of the International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC 2023), ACM, New York, 2023, 53-60.

295. Linear PDE with Constant Coefficients (with Rida Ait El Manssour and Marc Härkönen), Glasgow Mathematical Journal 65 (2023) S2-S27.

294. Beyond Linear Algebra, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022, Vol 6, EMS Press, 2023, 4820-4840.

293. Four-Dimensional Lie Algebras Revisited (with Laurent Manivel and Svala Sverrisdóttir), Journal of Lie Theory 33 (2023) 703-712.

292. Bayesian Integrals on Toric Varieties (with Michael Borinsky, Anna-Laura Sattelberger and Simon Telen), SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry 7 (2023) 77-103.

291. Quantum Correlations in the Minimal Scenario (with Thinh Le, Chiara Meroni, Reinhard Werner and Timo Ziegler), Quantum 7 (2023) 947.

290. Likelihood Degenerations (with Daniele Agostini, Taylor Brysiewicz, Claudia Fevola, Lukas Kühne, Simon Telen and Thomas Lam), Advances in Mathematics 414 (2023) Paper No 108863.

289. KP Solitons from Tropical Limits (with Daniele Agostini, Claudia Fevola and Yelena Mandelshtam), Journal of Symbolic Computation 114 (2023) 282-301.

288. Geometry of Dependency Equilibria (with Irem Portakal), Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica dell'Università di Trieste 54 (2022) Art 5, 26 pages.

287. Orders and Polytropes: Matrix Algebras from Valuations (with Yassine El Maazouz, Marvin Hahn, Gabriele Nebe and Mima Stanojkovski), Contributions to Algebra and Geometry 63 (2022) 515-531.

286. Marginal Independence Models (with Tobias Boege and Sonja Petrović), Proceedings of the International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC 2022), ACM, New York, 2022, 263-271.

285. Positivity Certificates via Integral Representations (with Khazhgali Kozhasov and Mateusz Michalek), Facets of Algebraic Geometry, Vol II, 84-114, London Math Soc Lecture Note Ser 473, Cambridge University Press, 2022.

284. Voronoi Cells of Varieties (with Diego Cifuentes, Kristian Ranestad and Madeleine Weinstein), Journal of Symbolic Computation 109 (2022) 351-366.

283. Likelihood Equations and Scattering Amplitudes (with Simon Telen), Algebraic Statistics 12 (2021) 167-186.

282. Tangent Quadrics in Real 3-Space (with Taylor Brysiewicz and Claudia Fevola), Le Matematiche 76 (2021) 355-367.

281. Jordan Algebras of Symmetric Matrices (with Arthur Bik and Henrik Eisenmann), Le Matematiche 76 (2021) 337-353.

280. Pencils of Quadrics: Old and New (with Claudia Fevola and Yelena Mandelshtam), Le Matematiche 76 (2021) 319-335.

279. Primary Ideals and their Differential Equations (with Yairon Cid-Ruiz and Roser Homs), Foundations of Computational Mathematics 21 (2021) 1363-1399.

278. Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Totally Positive Log-Concave Densities (with Elina Robeva, Ngoc Tran and Caroline Uhler), Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 48 (2021) 817-844.

277. Theta Surfaces (with Daniele Agostini, Türkü Özlüm Çelik and Julia Struwe), Vietnam Journal of Mathematics 49 (2021) 319-347.

276. The Dubrovin Threefold of an Algebraic Curve (with Daniele Agostini and Türkü Özlüm Çelik), Nonlinearity 34 (2021) 3783-3812.

275. Bad Projections of the PSD Cone (with Yuhan Jiang), Collectanea Mathematica 72 (2021) 261-280.

274. K3 Polytopes and their Quartic Surfaces (with Gabriele Balletti and Marta Panizzut), Advances in Geometry 21 (2021) 85-98.

273. Wasserstein Distance to Independence Models (with Türkü Özlüm Çelik, Asgar Jamneshan, Guido Montúfar and Lorenzo Venturello), Journal of Symbolic Computation 104 (2021) 855-873.

272. Discrete Statistical Models with Rational Maximum Likelihood Estimator (with Eliana Duarte and Orlando Marigliano), Bernoulli 27 (2021) 135-154.

271. Moment Varieties of Measures on Polytopes (with Kathlén Kohn and Boris Shapiro), Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 21 (2020) 739-770.

270. Brownian Motion Tree Models are Toric (with Caroline Uhler and Piotr Zwiernik), Kybernetika 56 (2020) 1154-1175.

269. Algebraic Analysis of Rotation Data (with Michael Adamer, András Lörincz and Anna-Laura Sattelberger), Algebraic Statistics 11 (2020) 189-211.

268. Estimating Linear Covariance Models with Numerical Nonlinear Algebra (with Sascha Timme and Piotr Zwiernik), Algebraic Statistics 11 (2020) 31-52.

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266. Twenty-Seven Questions about the Cubic Surface (with Kristian Ranestad), Le Matematiche 75 (2020) 411-424.

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