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Descendants on the Mathematics Geneology

Group picture at the SIAM conference in Bern, July 2019
Three Generations: Jörg, Jürgen and Bernd in Frankfurt, July 2015
Four Generations: Bernd, Jesus, Rudy and Jing in San Francisco, October 2014

PhD Students Supervised:

Kemal Rose (joint with S. Telen)
Yulia Alexandr (joint with S. Hoşten)
Yelena Mandelshtam
Dmitrii Pavlov (joint with S.Telen)
Maximilian Wiesmann (joint with E. Duarte)
Lizzie Pratt
Svala Sverrisdóttir
Raluca Vlad (joint with M. Chan)

Shmuel Onn
Rekha Thomas
John Dalbec
Jesus De Loera
Birkett Huber
Serkan Hoşten
Ezra Miller
Diane Maclagan
Harry Tsai
Laura Matusevich
Amit Khetan
Michael Develin
Ruchira Datta
Seth Sullivant
Chris Hillar
David Speyer
Jiawang Nie (joint with J. Demmel)
Nicholas Eriksson
Josephine Yu
Debbie Yuster (joint with D. Bayer)
Jason Morton
Peter Huggins (joint with L. Pachter)
Anne Shiu (joint with L. Pachter)
Alex Fink (joint with F. Ardila)
Dustin Cartwright
Angelica Cueto
Shaowei Lin
Cynthia Vinzant
Caroline Uhler
Melody Chan
Felipe Rincon (joint with O. Holtz)
Ngoc Tran
Andrew Critch
Qingchun Ren
Jose Rodriguez
Ralph Morrison
Zvi Rosen
Elina Robeva
Hwangrae Lee (joint with H. Park)
Emmanuel Tsukerman (joint with L. Williams)
Joe Kileel
Bo Lin
Carlos Améndola (joint with C. Haase)
Kathlén Kohn (joint with P. Bürgisser)
Anna Seigal
Nidhi Kaihnsa
Madeline Brandt
Lynn Chua (joint with A. Chiesa)
Paul Görlach (joint with M. Michalek)
Orlando Marigliano (joint with C. Görgen)
Mahsa Sayyary Namin
Madeleine Weinstein
Leon Zhang
Sascha Timme (joint with M. Joswig)
Chiara Meroni (joint with R. Sinn)
Yassine El Maazouz
Charles Wang (joint with L. Williams)
Rida Ait El Manssour (joint with G. Pogudin)
Claudia Fevola (joint with D. Agostini)

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