I am a fifth year graduate student in the mathematics department at UC Berkeley, working with Bernd Sturmfels. I am applying for academic jobs in fall 2019, and I will graduate in May 2020.

Mathematical Interests.

I am interested in tropical geometry and combinatorial algebraic geometry.


You can contact me at brandtm at berkeley dot edu, or find me in Evans Hall.

I have adopted a polyhedron. It is called the Maddiehedron and you can view it here! It has f-vector (8,14,8), and it has 41 siblings.

As part of the NSF We Are Mathematics video competition, Maddie Weinstein and I made a video called MatheMaddie's Ice Cream Map, which you can view here. We received honorable mention for the video. This was inspired by the paper Voronoi Cells of Varieties by Diego Cifuentes, Kristian Ranestad, Bernd Sturmfels, and Madeleine Weinstein.

By the way, here are two other mathematical Maddies: Maddie Weinstein, Maddie the Mathematician.

I have another YouTube video called What do I do? Algebraic Geometry for Everyone!. Stay tuned for more videos!

In the media.

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