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(5/2) Professor Haiman's RRR week office hours: Mon 5/5 and Tues 5/6 1-2pm, Thurs 5/8 12:30-1:30pm. See Exams below for information about the final exam and review materials.

(4/24) WeBWorK assignment 13 includes material which we will cover on the last day of class. It is due Monday, May 5. Quiz 13 is Thursday, May 1, as usual.

(4/14) To clarify: Midterm 3 covers Chapter 4 (omitting 4.6) and 5.1-5.4. It does not include 5.5, which we will cover next week.

(4/10) Reminder: Midterm 3 coming up, Friday April 18. See Exams below for review material.

(4/9) Final exam will be in 1 Pimentel Hall

(3/5) Midterms 2 (Fri Mar 14) and 3 (Fri Apr 18) will be in the same rooms as Midterm 1. See Exams below for Midterm 2 review.

(2/12) Rooms for Midterm 1 this Friday:

(2/8) Midterm 1 is coming up, Friday Feb. 14. It will take place in the lecture room and a second room, location to be announced. See Exams below for more information.

(1/25) The online homework system is now up and hopefully working. See Homework and Quizzes, below.

(1/22) Welcome to Math 1A! Check this page for announcements, homework assignments, exam solutions, etc.


Mark Haiman, 855 Evans Hall,

Office hours

WF 11:30-12:30 or by appointment

Lecture time and location

MWF 10-11, 105 Stanley

Discussion Sections

See Math 1A listings from the Schedule of Classes. All students need to enroll in the lecture and one of the discussion sections. If you need to change sections, check from time to time on TeleBears for openings. If the section you want is full but has a short waiting list, you have a good chance of finding an opening during the first week or two of the semester.

GSI's and their office hours:


Three and one-half years of high school math, including trigonometry and analytic geometry, plus a satisfactory grade in one of the following: CEEB MAT test, an AP test, the UC/CSU math diagnostic test, or Math 32. Consult the mathematics department for details. Students with AP credit should consider choosing a course more advanced than 1A.


Introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, with applications and an introduction to transcendental functions. The Math 1A-B sequence is intended for majors in engineering and the physical sciences.


James Stewart, Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals for UC Berkeley, 7th Edition, Cengage Learning (2012). ISBN-13: 978-1-285-11284-8, ISBN-10: 1-285-11284-9.

You may be able to use an older edition, as long as you are aware that section numbers and exercises may have changed. You will need to have a friend with the current edition so you can compare.


We will cover Chapters 1-6 from the textbook, skipping sections 1.4, 3.11, 4.6 and 6.4

Reading Schedule
Jan 22-24 1-2 Preview and 1.1-1.2  
Jan 27-31 3-5 1.3, 1.5-1.6  
Feb 3-7 6-8 2.1-2.4  
Feb 10-14 9-10 2.5-2.6 Midterm 1 Feb 14
Feb 19-21 11-12 2.7-2.8 No class Feb 17
Feb 24-28 13-15 3.1-3.4  
Mar 3-7 16-18 3.5-3.8  
Mar 10-14 19-20 3.9-3.10 Midterm 2 Mar 14
Mar 17-21 21-23 4.1-4.4  
Mar 24-28     Spring Break
Mar 31-Apr 4 24-26 4.5, 4.7-4.8  
Apr 7-11 27-29 5.1-5.3, 4.9  
Apr 14-18 30-31 5.4-5.5 Midterm 3 Apr 18
Apr 21-25 32-34 6.1-6.2  
Apr 28-May 2 35-37 6.3, 6.5  
May 5-9     Reading/Review Week
May 13     Final Exam

Any changes will be announced in class and shown on this web page.


There will be three midterms and a final exam.

Midterm 1: Friday, February 14, 10:10-11am. Solutions. Oops! Solution to #5 is wrong. I meant to put sin(x) where I put cos(x). So the problem is easier and the correct answer is 1, by direct substitution.

Covers all preceding lectures, through Stewart 2.6. For review, here are some midterms from previous years (skip questions about derivatives for now): Fall 10, Fall 06, Fall 04; Solutions: Fall 10 (2/3 should be -2/3 in #6), Fall 06, Fall 04.

Midterm 2: Friday, March 14, 10:10-11am, same rooms as Midterm 1. Solutions

Covers Lectures 11-20, Stewart 2.7 through 3.10. You may also need to know things from earlier in the course to solve some of the problems. Here are some more old midterms for review. Fall 2010 (skip #4 and #6), Fall 2006 (skip #5–#8, see also Fall 2006 Midterm 1 #9, #10) Fall 2004 (skip #6–#9, see also Fall 2004 Midterm 1 #7–#9); Solutions: Fall 2010, Fall 2006, Fall 2004.

Midterm 3: Friday, April 18, 10:10-11am, same rooms as Midterms 1 and 2. Solutions

Covers Lectures 21-31, Stewart Chapters 4 (omitting 4.6) and 5.1-5.4, along with earlier material as needed. Old midterms for review: Fall 2010 (ignore slant asymptote in #3), see also Fall 2006 Midterm 2 #5–#8 and Fall 2004 Midterm 2 #6–#9. Solutions: Fall 2010.

Final Exam: Tuesday, May 13, 3-6pm, Room 1 Pimentel Hall. Solutions

Covers the whole course. About half of the exam will be on material from after Midterm 3: Stewart 5.5, 6.1-6.3 and 6.5. Two sheets of notes are allowed.

Here are past final exams for review: Fall 2010, Fall 2006, Fall 2004. Solutions: 2010, 2006, 2004.

Format and ground rules: Exam questions will be similar in difficulty (but not identical) to the online homework problems. There will be space for your answers on the exam paper. You should bring scratch paper, but you do not need blue books.

On midterms you can use one sheet of notes, written on normal sized paper, both sides. On the final you can use two note sheets. No other books, notes, calculators or other electronic devices may be used during exams.

Missed exam policy: No makeup exams will be given for any reason. If you miss one midterm, your final exam score will count in its place, see Grading Policy, below.

Accommodations: Students requiring special accommodations for exams must provide documentation from the Disabled Students' Program (DSP) and contact me at least two weeks prior to the first exam, so that arrangements can be made.

Homework and Quizzes

There will be two types of homework assignment:

You may collaborate with others in solving homework problems, but you must enter your solutions independently, without copying from notes taken in group work. Taking solutions from the web or from previous years classes is not allowed.

The Student Learning Center offers drop-in tutoring Monday through Thursday 10-4. There will also be an adjunct Math 98 course taught by Michael Wong.

Homework Assignments
Set Quiz Date/
WeBWork Due
Stewart problems
0 and 1 Jan 30 1.2 #8; 1.3 #24, 36(a) and find the domain, 59; 1.5, #4, 24 and why?
2 Feb 6 1.6 #57; 2.2 #46; 2.3 #10, 26, 40, 48
3 Feb 13 2.4 #11, 14, 21; 2.5 #52, 68; 2.6 #10, 26
4 Feb 20 2.7 #22, 36, 48, 54; 2.8 #7, 39
5 Feb 27 3.1 #63, 76; 3.2 #55, 62 (note Exercise 18 is on the WeBWorK set); 3.3 #31, 55
6 Mar 6 3.4 #42, 66, 91; 3.5 #36, 75; 3.6 #51
7 Mar 13 3.8 #10; 3.9 #35, 38; 3.10 #21, 34, 44
8 Mar 20 4.1 #14(a), 74; 4.2 #12; 4.3 #31
9 Apr 3 4.4 #73; 4.5 #27, 48; 4.7 #18, 43, 70
10 Apr 10 4.8 #5 (and explain), 35; 5.1 #16 (use both left and right endpoints, then average the results), 23; 5.2 #18, 53, 54
11 Apr 17 4.9 #50, 55; 5.3 #3, 53, 70; 5.4 #50, 56
12 Apr 24 5.5 #77, 79, 88; 6.1 #19, 32
13 Quiz May 1
WeBWorK May 5
6.2 #8, 40, 61, 6.3 #2, 30, 46


You can log in to WeBWorK here with your CalNet ID.

Start by doing Homework Set 0, which is a tutorial on using WeBWorK. It has no due date and doesn't count for any points.

Regular homework sets are due at 11:59pm on Thursdays, starting Jan 30 for Homework Set 1. The answers become available immediately after the due time.

You can attempt each problem as many times as you like. However, I suggest that you not guess over and over if you are having difficulty with a problem. Taking time to think it through, perhaps with pencil and paper, is a wiser strategy.

Everyone registered or on the waitlist for the class should be in the system. If you have trouble logging in, please e-mail me a copy of the error message, including any UID number shown at the end. The most likely reasons for problems logging in are:

  1. The enrollment list in WeBWorK has not yet been updated since you added the course (it is updated every 2-3 days).
  2. WeBWorK found the wrong CalNet UID for you because another student has the same name. The error message you get when you try to log in shows your actual CalNet UID, so when you e-mail it to me I can fix this.
  3. You are using a shared computer and your browser is already logged in to CalNet as somebody else. You can log out of CalNet by quitting your browser or clicking this link: CalNet logout.
  4. If you start getting access denied messages while already logged in to WeBWorK, try logging out of CalNet and then re-entering WeBWorK using the link on this page.

Grading policy

Weekly homework and quizzes: 10%
Three midterms: 15% each
Final Exam: 45%

Your lowest midterm grade will be dropped and replaced by your final exam grade if it is higher. There will be no makeup exams. This grading policy allows you to miss one midterm. Missing more than one midterm or the final exam will have a strong negative impact on your grade. Please check your schedule to be sure you do not have a conflict with exam times.

Only your 10 best quiz scores will count. There will be no makeup quizzes.

Incomplete grades: The grade of Incomplete is rarely given, and only in cases of documented serious medical or family emergency. An Incomplete grade is to be completed by taking the final exam in Math 1A next semester. You can only receive an Incomplete grade if you have passing scores on the work not missed.


Enrollment is handled by TeleBears. I have no control over it, so please do not send me emails asking to get into the class. If you have questions about enrollment, please see Thomas Brown in 965 Evans Hall.

You MUST attend the discussion section you are registered for. If you wish to add or drop this course after TeleBears ends, here is the form and instructions. The deadline to add or drop without the dean's approval (which is rarely given) is February 21, 2014.


Type of Question Person to Ask When and How
Enrollment and Section Placement Go to TeleBears
or ask Thomas Brown
Quiz scores GSI Office hours
Exam scores GSI or Professor Office hours
Math questions GSI or Professor Discussion section, office hours
Emergencies Professor Office hours, email
Missed class, administrative announcements Your classmates, this webpage Up to you


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