Arthur Ogus

Arthur Ogus
877 Evans Hall
Department of Mathematics
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

(510) 642-8065




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    My specialty is algebraic geometry. This means, roughly, the study of the geometric properties of solutions of systems of algebraic equations. What I love about this subject is the interplay among geometry, algebra, analysis, and number theory. I am especially interested in applying differential and integral calculus in an algebraic setting. I am also involved in "logarithmic geometry," which is a systematic way of dealing with two important phenomena in mathematics: compactification and degeneration. Currently I am studying various aspects of algebraic differential equations, especially differential equations modulo p and differential equations with log poles.


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    I love cycling, and used to be the adviser to the Cal Cycling Club:


    I also love music, especially the jazz of Patricia Barber:

    ``Music is audible mathematics, with something else in the mix"---Patricia Barber

    Patricia Barber: ``Nostalgia in Times Square"

    Patricia Barber: ``Triste"

    Patricia Barber: ``Scream"


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