Arthur Ogus

Arthur Ogus
877 Evans Hall
or 951 Evans Hall (Chair's Office)
Department of Mathematics
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

(510) 642-8065 or 642 4129 (Chair's office)

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I love cycling, and used to be the adviser to the Cal Cycling Club:


I also love music, especially the jazz of Patricia Barber:

``Music is audible mathematics, with something else in the mix"---Patricia Barber

Patricia Barber: ``Nostalgia in Times Square"

Patricia Barber: ``Triste''

Patricia Barber: ``Scream"



Current Courses

I am currently serving as chairmain of the departmentso not teaching much.



Partial manuscript of

Lectures on Logarithmic Geometry

(Version of August 13, 2014)

(email me for password)



Pending Courses

    I am currently serving as the departmentchair, so not teaching much.

Recent Courses


      My specialty is algebraic geometry. This means, roughly, the study of the geometric properties of solutions of systems of algebraic equations. What I love about this subject is the interplay among geometry, algebra, analysis, and number theory. I am especially interested in applying differential and integral calculus in an algebraic setting. I am also involved in "logarithmic geometry," which is a systematic way of dealing with two important phenomena in mathematics: compactification and degeneration. Currently I am studying various aspects of algebraic differential equations, especially differential equations modulo p and differential equations with log poles.

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