We are the Mathematics Undergraduate Student Association of the University of California, Berkeley!

We strive to improve the overall quality of studying mathematics here as an undergraduate, especially by advocating for issues that benefit the entire undergraduate math community, not only the subset that attends our events.

Weekly Events

We hold events every week throughout the semester. Typically, our events are held in Evans 1015 , the top floor lounge of Evans Hall. Our upcoming events are posted on our mailing list, discord, and calendar (see below).

We encourage students to come to our Thursday social events, held in 1015 Evans at 6:30pm where you can meet fellow math geeks, as well as our Math Mondays, in 1015 Evans at 5pm, where you'll hear professors speak on a wide variety of mathematical topics. This semester, we are also hosting homework parties every Wednesday at 4:30pm in 1015!


The MUSA Lounge, 938 Evans, is open 9am–5pm on weekdays, selling hoodies and cheap food, but we encourage students to come in just to chat about math or life. Come stop by—we won't bite! (See the office page for more details.)
We also have a Discord server for students to chat and socialize!

Mailing List and Calendar

Most announcements are done over MUSA's mailing list, which goes out every Sunday.

You can also view our event calendar here! Click the plus symbol at the bottom right to add it to your own Google Calendar or use this iCal link to add it to your own calendar application!


Looking to upgrade your outfit? We sell t-shirts, hoodies, and (recent addition) long sleeve shirts! Find them on our merch page!

How do I join MUSA?

There is no formal process to join the club! Just show up to as many events as you want, sign up for the mailing list, and get to know the math community at Berkeley! Our events are open to the public, not just declared math majors — so don't be a stranger!

Joining MUSA is an excellent way to connect with other math enthusiasts. You can learn about the many opportunities for math students, including little tricks that will help you survive the rigorous math curriculum here.

Other Info

MUSA also often runs DeCals (student-run courses) each semester! This semester, we are running MUSA 174, on category theory!

MUSA strives to make the math department as inclusive as possible. How are we doing? Let us know with our anonymous feedback form.

Featured Problem(s)

At MUSA, we love to talk about tricky math problems of all levels! Here's some of our favorite problems. If you can't figure them out yourself, try asking at office hours and see if anyone else can make heads or tails of them.

Compute the number of integer pairs \((x, y)\) such that \(0 \leq \left|x\right|, \left|y\right| \leq 10^{10}\) , and \(x^2-24y^2 = 1\).

Highlight/copy to show answer: 42