I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley. I am interested in number theory and its connections to algebraic geometry, representation theory, and algebraic topology.

I am also interested in machine learning. I work part-time at xAI on reasoning in foundation models.

My CV is available.

E-mail: fengt[aat]berkeley[doot]edu.

News: (updated April 12, 2024)

Short Vita:

  • Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley 2022-Present
  • Viterbi Postdoctoral Fellow, MSRI/SLMath 2023
  • C L E Moore Instructor and NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT 2019-2022 (Sponsor: Wei Zhang)
  • Member, Institute for Advanced Study 2020-2021
  • Ph.D., Stanford University 2019 (Advisor: Akshay Venkatesh)
  • MASt, Cambridge University 2014 (Part III)
  • A.B.+A.M., Harvard University 2013 (Mathematics concentration, Computer Science secondary)