Survey Articles on Momentum Mappings

The papers in this volume were written by graduate students in the course Math 277, Topics in Differential Geometry--Momentum Mappings, in the Spring Semester of 2000. The papers were revised by the authors after a reading by one other student and the instructor.

Each paper is either a survey of an area or an expository essay on some aspect of momentum mappings and reduction. We hope that these papers will be useful for students and researchers interested in a quick look at several aspects of symplectic geometry and mechanics.

- Alan Weinstein
The papers are in pdf format. 

Momentum maps, dual pairs and reduction in deformation quantization by Henrique Bursztyn

Quantum moment(um) map(pings)s, a Hopf algebra approach by Gizem Kaarali

Kepler problem and SO(4) momentum map by Tang Xiang

A convexity theorem for isoparametric submanifolds by Marco Zambon

Poisson reduction for left invariant control systems by Jun Zhang

Marsden-Weinstein reductions for K\"ahler, hyper\"kahler, and quaternionic K\"ahler manifolds by Chenchang Zhu