Ethan Sussman (Stanford)

The APDE seminar on Monday, 2/26, will be given by Ethan Sussman (Stanford) in-person in Evans 740, and will also be broadcasted online via Zoom from 4:10pm to 5:00pm PST. To participate, please email Federico Pasqualotto ( or Mengxuan Yang (

Title: Full asymptotics for Schrodinger wavepackets

Abstract: Since the work of Jensen–Kato, the theory of the Schrodinger–Helmholtz equation at low energy has been used to study wave propagation in various settings, both relativistic and nonrelativistic (i.e. the Schrodinger equation). Recently, Hintz has used these methods to study wave propagation on black hole spacetimes. Part of Hintz’s result is the production of asymptotics in all possible asymptotic regimes, including all joint large-time, large-radii regimes. We carry out the analogue of this analysis for the Schrodinger equation. Based on joint work with Shi-Zhuo Looi.