Seminar Schedule (Fall 2014)


Berkeley Analysis and PDE Seminar

Fall 2014

Talks are on Mondays at 4:10pm in 740 Evans.


  • September 8.    Richard Bamler (UC Berkeley),    There are finitely many surgeries in Perelman’s Ricci flow.   (abstract)
  • September 15.   Jason Murphy (UC Berkeley),    Nonlinear Schrödinger equations at non-conserved critical regularity.  ( abstract)
  • September 22.   Marius Beceanu (UC Berkeley),    A centre-stable manifold for the energy-critical wave equation in R3 in the symmetric setting.    (abstract)
  • September 29.   Maciej Zworski (UC Berkeley),    Stochastic stability of Ruelle resonances.    (abstract)
  • October 6.       Alan Hammond (UC Berkeley),    Moment bounds and mass-conservation in PDE modelling coalescence
  • October 13. Ben Harrop-Griffiths (UC Berkeley), The lifespan of small solutions to the KP-I
  • October 20. Michael Christ (UC Berkeley), An extremal problem concerning Fourier coefficients
  • October 27. Boaz Haberman (UC Berkeley), Calderón’s problem for rough conductivities
  • November 3. Craig Evans (UC Berkeley), Convexity, nonlinear PDE and principal/agent problems
  • November 10. Sung-Jin Oh (UC Berkeley), On the energy critical Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations
  • November 17. Alexander Volberg (Michigan State University), Beyond the scope of doubling: weighted martingale multipliers and outer measure spaces.
  • November 24. (No seminar this week)
  • December 1. Naoki Saito (UC Davis), Laplacian eigenfunctions that do not feel the boundary: Theory, Computation, and Applications



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