Tarek Elgindi (Duke)

The APDE seminar on Monday, 4/15, will be given by Tarek Elgindi (Duke) in-person in Evans 740, and will also be broadcasted online via Zoom from 4:10pm to 5:00pm PST. To participate, please email Federico Pasqualotto (fpasqualotto@berkeley.edu) or Mengxuan Yang (mxyang@math.berkeley.edu).

Title: Twisting in Hamiltonian flows and perfect fluids

Abstract: We will discuss a recent result joint with In-Jee Jeong and Theo Drivas. We prove that twisting in Hamiltonian flows on annular domains, which can be quantified by the differential winding of particles around the center of the domain, is stable to general perturbations. In fact, we prove the all-time stability of the lifted dynamics in an L2 sense (though single particle paths are generically unstable). These stability facts are used to establish several results related to the long-time behavior of inviscid fluid flows.