Monthly Archives: November 2017

Brian Krummel (UC Berkeley)

The Analysis and PDE seminar will take place on Monday, November 27, from 4:10 to 5pm, in 740 Evans.

Title: Fine properties of Dirichlet energy minimizing multi-valued functions

Abstract: I will discuss the fine structure of the branch set of multivalued Dirichlet energy minimizing functions as developed by Almgren. It is well-known that the dimension of the interior singular set of a Dirichlet energy minimizing function on an $n$-dimensional domain is at most $n-2$. We show that the singular set is countably $(n-2)$-rectifiable and also prove the uniqueness of homogeneous tangent functions at almost every singular point. Our approach involves adapting a “blow up” method due to Leon Simon, which was originally applied to multiplicity one classes of minimal submanifolds. We apply Simon’s method in the higher multiplicity setting of multivalued energy minimizers using techniques from prior work of Neshan Wickramasekera together with new estimates. This is joint work with Neshan Wickramasekera.