Scientific Computing and Matrix Computations Seminar

Organized by James Demmel and Ming Gu

Spring 2017

Wednesdays 11:10AM-12:00Noon in 380 Soda Hall.

Past Seminars

Current Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Talk
Jan. 18 Lek-Heng Lim
University of Chicago
Fastest algorithms for structured matrices via algebra
Jan. 25
Shusen Wang
UC Berkeley
Sketched Ridge Regression
Feb. 1
Jianwei Xiao
UC Berkeley
Finite precision stability analysis of randomized QR factorization with column pivoting
Feb. 8
Beresford Parlett
UC Berkeley
Fiedler and almost-tridiagonal matrices
Feb. 15
Martin Lee
MediaX, Stanford University
Acorn Magic: How linear algebra solves optimization problems non- linearly and why do it?
Feb. 22
Joe Grcar
LBNL, retired
Research Trends in Numerical Analysis
Mar. 1
Yuan YAO
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Sparse Recovery via Differential Inclusions
Mar. 8
Inderjit Dhillon
UT Austin
Sparse inverse covariance matrix estimation for a million variables
Mar. 15

Mar. 22
Daniel Robinson
Johns Hopkins University
Scalable optimization algorithms for large-scale subspace clustering
Mar. 29

Spring Break
Apr. 5
Wei Hu

Apr. 12

Apr. 19
Youngsoo Choi
Sandia National Lab.

Apr. 26