Scientific Computing and Matrix Computations Seminar

Organized by James Demmel and Ming Gu

Fall 2016

Wednesdays 12:10PM-1:00PM in 380 Soda Hall.

Past Seminars

Current Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Talk
Aug. 31, Eric Hallman
UC Berkeley
Minimizing the Backward Error in Iterative Methods for Least-Squares Problems
Sept. 7
Alberto Grunbaum
UC Berkeley
Quantum walks and linear algebra over a ring
Sept. 14
Pieter Ghysels
Preconditioning using Hierarchically Semi-Separable matrices and randomized projection
Sept. 21
Christine Klymko
Detection of highly-cyclic communities in directed networks
Sept. 28
William Kahan
UC Berkeley

Oct. 5

Oct. 12

Oct. 19
Alex Rusciano
UC Berkeley

Oct. 26
Beresford Parlett
UC Berkeley

Nov. 2
Keith Miller
UC Berkeley

Nov. 9
Yang You
UC Berkeley

Nov. 16
Davide Martizzi
Swiss National Science Foundation Fellow and UCB

Nov. 23

Non-Instructional Day
Nov. 30
Alex Gittens
UC Berkeley