Scientific Computing and Matrix Computations Seminar

Organized by James Demmel and Ming Gu

Fall 2015

Wednesdays 12:10PM-1:00PM in 380 Soda Hall.

Past Seminars

Current Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Talk
Sept. 2, Michael Friedlander
UC Davis
Gauges, sparsity, and spectral optimization
Sept. 9
Eric Darve
Stanford University
Hierarchical Matrix Structure for Fast Linear Algebra
Sept. 16
Ming Gu
UC Berkeley
Spectrum-revealing Matrix Factorizations
Sept. 23
Per-Olaf Persson
UC Berkeley
Efficient Solvers for Sparse High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes
Sept. 30
Michael Mahoney
UC Berkeley
Combining randomized linear algebra and stochastic gradient descent
Oct. 7
Frank Ong
UC Berkeley
Multi-Scale Low Rank Matrix Decomposition
Oct. 14
David Bailey
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Discovery of large Poisson polynomials using the MPFUN-MPFR arbitrary precision software
Oct. 21
David Bindel
Cornell University
Model Reduction for Edge-Weighted Personalized PageRank
Oct. 28
William Kahan
UC Berkeley
Tests for the Accuracy of Polynomial Zero-Finders
Nov. 4
Mert Pilanci
UC Berkeley
Fast Randomized Algorithms for Convex Optimization
Nov. 18
Richard Lehoucq
Sandia National Lab.
A computational spectral graph theory tutorial
Nov. 25
Jed Duersch
UC Berkeley
True BLAS-3 QRCP with Random Sampling
Dec. 2
Jacob Scott
UC Berkeley
An I/O-Complexity Lower Bound for All Recursive Matrix Multiplication Algorithms by Path-Routing
Dec. 9
Jianwei Xiao
UC Berkeley
Spectrum Revealing Cholesky factorizations