Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) at UC Berkeley

Math 10B: Methods of Mathematics (Spring 2021)

Math 74: Transition to Upper Division Mathematics (Fall 2022)

  • I received the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award in March 2023


I am currently a mentor for Yulia's Dream, a math enrichment program for high schoolers from Ukraine with the ultimate goal of completing a research project.

In the Summers of 2020 (virtual) and 2021 (in person) I was an advisor for the University of Minnesota Duluth Mathematics REU. I also was a visitor at the REU in the summers of 2019 and 2022.

In Fall 2019 and 2021 I was a mentor for the UC Berkeley Directed Reading Program. The topics were ergodic theory, algebraic combinatorics, and algebraic number theory.

Euler Circle

From 2016 to 2019 I was a TA for Euler Circle, a mathematics institute for advanced high school students in the San Francisco Bay Area with classes taught at the college level by Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo. In Winter of 2017 I co-organized and was the sole TA for the first Euler Camp, in Irvine, CA. I was a TA for the following classes:
  • Combinatorial game theory
  • Proofs from THE BOOK
  • Combinatorics
  • Mathematics of Euler
  • P-adic analysis
  • Ergodic theory
  • Analytic number theory
  • Ring theory/algebraic geometry

Stanford math camp

In Summer 2017 I was a counselor and TA for the Stanford University Mathematics Camp.