Undergraduate Students

Xingjian Guo (2016 Summer), now at Courant Institute

Jason Kaye (2013--2014, co-mentored with Chao Yang at LBNL), now at Courant Institute

Jin Xie (2015 summer), now at Stanford Unviersity

Graduate Students

Dong An, (2016--)

Jeffmin Lin (2017--)

Michael Lindsey (2016--)

Yu Tong (2017--)

Ze Xu, (2014--)

Jiefu Zhang, (2016--)

Postdoctoral scholars

Amartya Banerjee, (2015--, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, co-mentored with Chao Yang at LBNL)

Anil Damle, (2016--2017, NSF Postdoc), now Assistant Professor at Cornell University.

Wei Hu, (2014--, Ph.D. Chemistry, co-mentored with Chao Yang at LBNL)

Weile Jia, (Ph.D. Computer Science, 2016--)

Leonardo Zepeda, (2017--)


Talented graduate students and undergraduate students interested in numerical methods for physics based simulation are always welcome.

Limited number of summer internships is available. Deadline for application: March 31, 2018.

Two postdoctoral positions are available at the Department of Mathematics at University of California, Berkeley, broadly in the area of applied and computational mathematics. The candidate is expected to have a good knowledge of numerical method development, with expertise in at least one of the following areas: domain decomposition method, eigenvalue problem, fast algorithms, multiscale modeling, parallel computing, quantum physics / chemistry / materials science. Candidates with physics / chemistry / materials science backgrounds but have extensive experience in terms of method developments are also welcome. The salary is competitive. The positions are available immediately. There is flexibility in the starting date. 

The application package should contain a CV, a list of publications, and a research statement. You have three ways to apply.

In all the cases, you need to send me an email (linlin@math.berkeley.edu) containing "Postdoc position" in the subject.

1) Apply via https://www.mathjobs.org/ for the Morrey Assistant Professorship at UC Berkeley.

2) Apply via https://cs.lbl.gov/careers/alvarez-fellowship/ for the Luis Alvarez fellowship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

3) Email me your application package. The candidate is responsible for at least three recommendation letters to be sent to the same email address. The letters should be sent directly by the referees and should not be seen by the candidate.