I have one postdoctoral position available.

Talented graduate students and undergraduate students interested in numerical methods for physics based simulation are always welcome.

You can get in touch with me via e-mail or office hours. Please send/bring (i) an up-to-date CV, (ii) a transcript highlighting your background in numerical analysis, algorithms, and physics and (iii) a brief description of your research interests. For undergraduate students, please make sure that you have already taken MATH128A, MATH128B or equivalent classes.

Currently I do not have internship positions available.

Undergraduate Students

Xingjian Guo (2016 Summer), now at Courant Institute

Jason Kaye (2013--2014, co-mentored with Chao Yang at LBNL), now at Courant Institute

Jin Xie (2015 summer), now at Stanford Unviersity

Graduate Students

Dong An, (2016--)

Jeffmin Lin (2017--)

Michael Lindsey (2016--)

Yu Tong (2017--)

Ze Xu, (2014--)

Jiefu Zhang, (2016--)

Postdoctoral scholars

Amartya Banerjee, (2015--, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, co-mentored with Chao Yang at LBNL)

Anil Damle, (2016--2017, Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, NSF Postdoc), now Assistant Professor at Cornell University.

Wei Hu, (2014--2017, Ph.D. Chemistry, co-mentored with Chao Yang at LBNL), now Assistant Professor at University of Science and Technology of China.

Weile Jia, (2016--, Ph.D. Computer Science)

Leonardo Zepeda, (2017--, Ph.D. Mathematics)