Di Fang

I am a Morrey Assistant Professor at University of California, Berkeley, hosted by Prof. Lin Lin. I received my Ph.D. degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019.
I co-organize the Applied Math Seminar with Suncica Canic, Lin Lin and Per-Olof Persson this semester.
Currently, I am a long term visitor at Summer Cluster on Quantum Computation and Program on The Quantum Wave in Computing at Simons Institute.
Research Interests: My research interests lie broadly in applied and numerical analysis of partial differential equations. My current focus is quantum related problems and quantum computing. In particular, I work on quantum dynamics simulation on both classical and quantum computers. My work address the issues on high dimensionality, non-adiabaticity, and nonlinearity of such Schroedinger equations.

Email: difang@berkeley.edu
Office: 843 Evans Hall


Click each course to see the course webpage. Starting Spring 2020, I have migrated everything to bCourse, which requires Berkeley accounts to access. But the course web for Fall 2019 is still open to public.

Current Supervising: Albert Tres (Undergraduate).