Yu Tong

email: yu_tong at berkeley dot edu

I am a fifth year graduate student at UC Berkeley and my advisor is Lin Lin. I obtained my B.S. degree in computational mathematics from Peking University in 2017. I am broadly interested numerical analysis, quantum computing, computational physics, and computational chemistry.

Research areas

Quantum algorithms: Quantum computers are naturally suited to solve problems arising in quantum chemistry, for which classical algorithms suffer from high computational cost and low accuracy. I am interested in developing quantum algorithms to solve problems such as estimting the ground energy, Green's function, etc., as well as addressing problems in practical implementations on near-term devices.

Tensor network methods: Tensor networks provide us with the basic tools to understand quantum systems. They also offer useful computational methods in solving quantum chemistry and quantum physics problems. I am interested in both theoretical analysis of existing tensor network algorithms and the development of new ones.

Quantum embedding methods: Given the prohibitive computational cost of dealing with a quantum system of large size on a classical computer, a natural idea is to decompose the system into smaller subsystems and solve for each subsystem. The interaction between a subsystem and the environment leads to many interesting computational tasks.

Publications and preprints

[1] X. Wu, Z.-H. Cui, Y. Tong, M. Lindsey, G. K.-L. Chan, and L. Lin, Projected density matrix embedding theory with applications to the two-dimensional Hubbard model, J. Chem. Phys. [doi] [arXiv:1905.00886]

[2] X. Wu, M. Lindsey, T. Zhou, Y. Tong, and L. Lin, Enhancing robustness and efficiency of density matrix embedding theory via semidefinite programming and local correlation potential fitting, Phys. Rev. B [doi] [arXiv:2003.00873]

[3] L. Lin and Y. Tong, Low-rank representation of tensor network operators with long-range pairwise interactions, SIAM J. Sci. Comput. [doi] [arXiv:1909.02206]

[4] L. Lin and Y. Tong, Optimal polynomial based quantum eigenstate filtering with application to solving quantum linear systems, Quantum [doi] [arXiv:1910.14596]

[5] L. Lin and Y. Tong, Near-optimal ground state preparation, Quantum [doi] [arXiv:2002.12508] [QIP 2021 Talk]

[6] Y. Tong, D. An, N. Wiebe, L. Lin, Fast inversion, preconditioned quantum linear system solvers, and fast evaluation of matrix functions [arXiv:2008.13295]

[7] L. Lin and Y. Tong, Heisenberg-limited ground state energy estimation for early fault-tolerant quantum computers [arXiv:2102.11340]