Yu Tong

email: yu_tong at berkeley dot edu

I am an IQIM Postdoctoral Scholar at Caltech mentored by John Preskill and Garnet Chan. I obtained my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2022, advised by Lin Lin, and my B.S. degree in computational mathematics from Peking University in 2017. I am broadly interested in quantum algorithms, learning from quantum systems, and numerical and analytic methods for quantum many-body problems.

Research areas

Quantum algorithms: Quantum computers are naturally suited to solve problems arising in quantum chemistry, for which classical algorithms suffer from high computational cost and low accuracy. I am interested in developing quantum algorithms to solve problems such as estimting the ground energy, Green's function, etc., as well as addressing problems in practical implementations on near-term devices.

Tensor network methods: Tensor networks provide us with the basic tools to understand quantum systems. They also offer useful computational methods in solving quantum chemistry and quantum physics problems. I am interested in both theoretical analysis of existing tensor network algorithms and the development of new ones.

Quantum embedding methods: Given the prohibitive computational cost of dealing with a quantum system of large size on a classical computer, a natural idea is to decompose the system into smaller subsystems and solve for each subsystem. The interaction between a subsystem and the environment leads to many interesting computational tasks.

Learning from quantum systems: There are many scenarios in which one would want to extract classical information from a quantum system. In quantum metrology and quantum sensing one may want to better understand a quantum system, or use it to measure some quantities to high precision. One may also wish to characterize properties of a quantum system, such as conservation laws and topological order, using limited measurement data, in which case machine learning can provide a significant advantage.

Recent sevice

Program Committee for QCTIP 2023 and TQC 2023.

Publications and preprints

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Unpublished notes

Note on query complexity lower bound for phase estimation under circuit depth constraint