Antonio Montalban.


Column in Uruguay-Ciencia.
Professor of Mathematics.
Evans Hall #3840
Berkeley, CA 94720
Math Department Phone: +1 510 642 6550
Office:    721 Evans Hall
Fax: +1 510 642 8204

I work in Mathematical Logic and, within Logic, I focus on Computability Theory.  In general terms, my research studies the interplay between complexity and mathematics.  We, logicians, have developed techniques to analyze and understand the complexity of many sorts of objects, including sets, structures, constructions, proofs, and so forth.  Computability Theory deals with the complexity measures used on countable objects, in contrast with, for instance, computer science or set theory, which mainly deal with the complexity of finite objects or uncountable objects, respectively.

Book Draft. Computable Structure Theory. Part I. Comments, typos, corrections, and missing references are very welcomed.

List of Publications.

  Seminars/Meetings I'm currently (co-)organizing:

Berkeley seminar in Recursion Theory.