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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
|o*driver_ksdft.cExample for using the driver interface for performing KSDFT calculations
|o*driver_pselinv_complex.cExample for using the driver interface for parallel selected inversion of a complex symmetric matrix
|o*f_ppexsi.f90Test the new FORTRAN interface for PPEXSI
|o*run_inertia.cppTest routine for computing a series of inertia for a matrix stencil. This can be used for estimating the density of states in a local region, when diagonalization is too expensive but factorization is still possible
|o*run_ppexsi.cppTest for the PPEXSI module using SuperLU and PSelInv
|\*run_pselinv.cppTest for the interface of SuperLU_DIST and SelInv
|o*blas.hppThin interface to BLAS
|o*c_pexsi_interface.hInterface subroutines of PEXSI that can be called by C
|o*environment.hppEnvironmental variables
|o*lapack.hppThin interface to LAPACK
|o*mpi_interf.hppInterface with MPI to facilitate communication
|o*nummat_decl.hppNumerical matrix
|o*nummat_impl.hppImplementation of numerical matrix
|o*numtns_decl.hppNumerical tensor
|o*numtns_impl.hppImplementation of numerical tensor
|o*numvec_decl.hppNumerical vector
|o*numvec_impl.hppImplementation of Numerical Vector
|o*pole.hppPole expansion subroutines
|o*ppexsi.hppMain class for parallel PEXSI
|o*pselinv.hppMain file for parallel selected inversion
|o*sparse_matrix_decl.hppSparse matrix and Distributed sparse matrix in compressed column format
|o*sparse_matrix_impl.hppImplementation of sparse matrices
|o*superlu_dist_interf.hppInteface with SuperLU_Dist (version 3.0 and later)
|o*timer.hProfiling and timing using TAU
|o*tinyvec_decl.hppTiny vectors of dimension 3
|o*tinyvec_impl.hppImplementation of tiny vectors
|\*utility.hppVarious utility subroutines
 o*blas.cppThin interface to BLAS
 o*get_perm_c_parmetis.cGets matrix permutation
 o*interface.cppInterface subroutines of PPEXSI that can be called by both C and FORTRAN
 o*lapack.cppThin interface to LAPACK
 o*mpi_interf.cppInterface with MPI to facilitate communication
 o*pdsymbfact.cSymbolic factorization routine using real arithmetic
 o*pole.cppImplementation of the pole expansion subroutines
 o*ppexsi.cppImplementation of the parallel version of PEXSI
 o*pselinv.cppImplementation of the parallel SelInv
 o*pzsymbfact.cSymbolic factorization routine using complex arithmetic
 o*sp_ienv.cChooses machine-dependent parameters for the local environment
 o*superlu_dist_interf.cppInterface to SuperLU_Dist (v3.3)
 o*timer.cppProfiling and timing using TAU
 \*utility.cppImplementation of the non-templated utility subroutines