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file  blas.hpp [code]
 Thin interface to BLAS.
file  c_pexsi_interface.h [code]
 Interface subroutines of PEXSI that can be called by C.
file  environment.hpp [code]
 Environmental variables.
file  lapack.hpp [code]
 Thin interface to LAPACK.
file  mpi_interf.hpp [code]
 Interface with MPI to facilitate communication.
file  nummat_decl.hpp [code]
 Numerical matrix.
file  nummat_impl.hpp [code]
 Implementation of numerical matrix.
file  numtns_decl.hpp [code]
 Numerical tensor.
file  numtns_impl.hpp [code]
 Implementation of numerical tensor.
file  numvec_decl.hpp [code]
 Numerical vector.
file  numvec_impl.hpp [code]
 Implementation of Numerical Vector.
file  pole.hpp [code]
 Pole expansion subroutines.
file  ppexsi.hpp [code]
 Main class for parallel PEXSI.
file  pselinv.hpp [code]
 Main file for parallel selected inversion.
file  sparse_matrix_decl.hpp [code]
 Sparse matrix and Distributed sparse matrix in compressed column format.
file  sparse_matrix_impl.hpp [code]
 Implementation of sparse matrices.
file  superlu_dist_interf.hpp [code]
 Inteface with SuperLU_Dist (version 3.0 and later)
file  timer.h [code]
 Profiling and timing using TAU.
file  tinyvec_decl.hpp [code]
 Tiny vectors of dimension 3.
file  tinyvec_impl.hpp [code]
 Implementation of tiny vectors.
file  utility.hpp [code]
 Various utility subroutines.