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src Directory Reference


file  blas.cpp
 Thin interface to BLAS.
file  get_perm_c_parmetis.c
 Gets matrix permutation.
file  global.cpp
file  interface.cpp
 Interface subroutines of PPEXSI that can be called by both C and FORTRAN.
file  lapack.cpp
 Thin interface to LAPACK.
file  mpi_interf.cpp
 Interface with MPI to facilitate communication.
file  pdsymbfact.c
 Symbolic factorization routine using real arithmetic.
file  pole.cpp
 Implementation of the pole expansion subroutines.
file  ppexsi.cpp
 Implementation of the parallel version of PEXSI.
file  ppexsi_real.cpp
file  pselinv.cpp
 Implementation of the parallel SelInv.
file  pzsymbfact.c
 Symbolic factorization routine using complex arithmetic.
file  sp_ienv.c
 Chooses machine-dependent parameters for the local environment.
file  superlu_dist_interf.cpp
 Interface to SuperLU_Dist (v3.3).
file  timer.cpp
 Profiling and timing using TAU.
file  utility.cpp
 Implementation of the non-templated utility subroutines.