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PEXSI::RealSuperLUData Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RealSuperLUData (const SuperLUGrid< Real > &g, const SuperLUOptions &opt)
 RealSuperLUData (const RealSuperLUData &g)
RealSuperLUDataoperator= (const RealSuperLUData &g)
Int m () const
Int n () const
void DistSparseMatrixToSuperMatrixNRloc (DistSparseMatrix< Real > &sparseA, const SuperLUOptions &opt)
void DestroyAOnly ()
void SymbolicFactorize ()
void Distribute ()
void NumericalFactorize ()
void ConvertNRlocToNC (RealSuperLUData *aptrData)
void MultiplyGlobalMultiVector (NumMat< Real > &xGlobal, NumMat< Real > &bGlobal)
void DistributeGlobalMultiVector (NumMat< Real > &xGlobal, NumMat< Real > &xLocal)
void GatherDistributedMultiVector (NumMat< Real > &xGlobal, NumMat< Real > &xLocal)
void SolveDistMultiVector (NumMat< Real > &bLocal, DblNumVec &berr)
void CheckErrorDistMultiVector (NumMat< Real > &xLocal, NumMat< Real > &xTrueLocal)
void LUstructToPMatrix (PMatrix< Real > &PMloc)
void SymbolicToSuperNode (SuperNodeType &super)

Protected Attributes


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