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PEXSI::NumMat< F > Class Template Reference

Numerical matrix. More...

#include <NumMat.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void allocate (F *data=NULL)
 Helper function allocating the memory pointed by the data_ attribute.
void deallocate ()
 Helper function freeing memory pointed by the data_ attribute.
 NumMat (Int m=0, Int n=0)
 NumMat (Int m, Int n, bool owndata, F *data)
 NumMat (const NumMat &C)
NumMatCopy (const NumMat &C)
NumMatoperator= (const NumMat &C)
void Resize (Int m, Int n)
void Clear ()
const F & operator() (Int i, Int j) const
F & operator() (Int i, Int j)
F * Data () const
F * VecData (Int j) const
Int m () const
Int n () const
Int Size () const
Int ByteSize () const
Int AllocatedSize () const

Public Attributes

bool owndata_
 Whether it owns the data.
Int m_
 The size of the first dimension.
Int n_
 The size of second dimension.
F * data_
 The pointer for the actual data.
Int bufsize_
 Actual size of the allocated buffer. Similar to the capacity of a std::vector.

Detailed Description

template<class F>
class PEXSI::NumMat< F >

Numerical matrix.

NumMat is a portable encapsulation of a pointer to represent a 2D matrix, which can either own (owndata == true) or view (owndata == false) a piece of data.

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