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PEXSI::RealSuperLUData_internal Class Reference

Protected Member Functions

 RealSuperLUData_internal (const SuperLUGrid< Real > &g, const SuperLUOptions &opt)
 RealSuperLUData_internal (const RealSuperLUData_internal &g)
RealSuperLUData_internaloperator= (const RealSuperLUData_internal &g)
void DestroyAOnly ()

Protected Attributes

SuperMatrix A
 SuperLU matrix.
superlu_dist_options_t options
 SuperLU options. More...
ScalePermstruct_t ScalePermstruct
 Saves the permutation vectors. Only perm_c (permutation of column as well as rows due to the symmetric permutation) will be used.
gridinfo_t * grid
 SuperLU grid structure.
LUstruct_t LUstruct
 Saves the supernodal partition as well as the numerical values and structures of the L and U structure.
SOLVEstruct_t SOLVEstruct
 Used for solve for multivectors.
SuperLUStat_t stat
 SuperLU statistics.
Int numProcSymbFact
 Number of processors used for parallel symbolic factorization and PARMETIS/PT-SCOTCH.
Int info
 SuperLU information.
bool isSuperMatrixAllocated
bool isSuperMatrixFactorized
bool isScalePermstructAllocated
bool isLUstructAllocated
Int maxDomains


class RealSuperLUData

Member Data Documentation

superlu_dist_options_t PEXSI::RealSuperLUData_internal::options

SuperLU options.


It is important to have

options.RowPerm = NOROWPERM;

to make sure that symmetric permutation is used.

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