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Comparative Prices of Math Journals
Comparative Prices of Math Journals, Updated Jan. 2000.
Stephen Smale: The Mathematician Who Broke the Dimension Barrier
Conversations about mathematics
Joan T. McKay, John T. McKay, and J. T. McKay
Sexism in Mathematics ???
Problems in Low-Dimensional Topology (380 pages)
The above file is distributed in PostScript format because of the large amount of graphics involved.
Akbulut's corks and h-cobordisms of smooth, simply connected 4-manifolds
A survey of 4-manifolds through the eyes of surgery (w. Larry Taylor)
Canonical framings for 3-manifolds (w. Paul Melvin)
The E_8-manifold, singular fibers and handlebody decompositions (w. Paul Melvin)
Constructing symplectic forms on 4-manifolds which vanish on circles. (w. David Gay)
Local surgery formulas for quantum invariants and the Arf invariant. (w. Paul Melvin)
Constructing Lefschetz-type fibrations on 4-manifolds. (w. David Gay)
Review of "Stephen Smale, the mathematician who broke the dimension barrier", by Batterson (Kirby) (pdf)

Review of "Mathematics at Berkeley, a history", by Moore (Kirby) (pdf)

Private communication (September 1968) (Kirby) (pdf)

Fleeced? (Kirby) (pdf)

Conversations about mathematics (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Canonical framings for 3-manifolds (Kirby and Melvin) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Review of "The topology of 4-manifolds" (Taylor) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Akbulut's corks and h-bordisms of smooth, simply connected 4-manifolds (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Dedekind sums, mu-invariants and the signature cocycle (Kirby and Melvin) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Quantum invariants at the sixth root of unity (Kirby, Melvin and Zhang) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Pin structures on low-dimensional manifolds (Kirby and Taylor) (mathscinet · pdf)

Evaluations of 3-manifold invariants of Witten and Reshetikhin-Turaev for sl(2,C) (Kirby and Melvin) (mathscinet · pdf)

The 3-manifold invariants of Witten and Reshetikhin-Turaev for sl(2, C) (Kirby and Melvin) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

A calculation of Pin^+ bordism groups (Kirby and Taylor) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

The topology of 4-manifolds (Kirby) (mathscinet · djvu · pdf)

announcement on "The annular conjecture and triangulation" (Kirby, Siebenmann and Wall) (mathscinet · pdf)

A potential smooth counterexample in dimension 4 to the Poincaré conjecture, the Schoenflies conjecture, and the Andrews-Curtis conjecture (Akbulut and Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Four-manifold theory (Durham) (Gordon and Kirby (editors)) (mathscinet · djvu · pdf)

Foundational Essays on Topological Manifolds, Smoothings and Triangulations (Kirby and Siebenmann) (mathscinet · djvu · pdf)

Branched covers of surfaces in 4-manifolds (Akbulut and Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Mazur manifolds (Akbulut and Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Prime knots and concordance (Kirby and Lickorish) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Eight faces of the Poincaré homology 3-sphere (Kirby and Scharlemann) (mathscinet · pdf)

An exotic involution of S^4 (Akbulut and Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Problems in low dimensional manifold theory (Kirby) (mathscinet · pdf)

A geometric proof of Rochlin's theorem (Freedman and Kirby) (mathscinet · pdf)

Slice knots and property R (Kirby and Melvin) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

A calculus for framed links in S^3 (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Some conjectures about four-manifolds (Kirby) (mathscinet · pdf)

Normal bundles for codimension 2 locally flat imbeddings (Kirby and Siebenmann) (mathscinet · pdf)

A curious category which equals TOP (Kirby and Scharlemann) (mathscinet · pdf)

Some theorems on topological manifolds (Kirby and Siebenmann) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Deformations of spaces of imbeddings (Edwards and Kirby) (mathscinet · pdf)

Codimension-two locally flat imbeddings have normal bundles (Kirby) (mathscinet · pdf)

Stable homeomorphisms and the annulus conjecture (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

On the set of non-locally flat points of a submanifold of codimension one (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

The union of flat (n-1)-balls is flat in R^n (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Smoothing locally flat imbeddings of differentiable manifolds (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

On the annulus conjecture (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

Smoothing locally flat imbeddings (Kirby) (journal · mathscinet · pdf)

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