Jeffrey Kuan

Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics
1087 Evans Hall

Office Hours:
Tuesday 2:30-3:30 PM
Wednesday 1:30-2:30 PM

Jeffrey Kuan
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I am a fifth year graduate student at the UC Berkeley math department. I am interested in partial differential equations, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), kinetic theory, applied mathematics, and applications of probability to PDEs. I am advised by Professor Suncica Canic. My qualifying exam syllabus can be found here.

I received an A.B. degree from Princeton University in 2018 in mathematics with a certificate in musical performance (in violin).

Currently, I am a GSI for Math 10A, Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics, and Combinatorics. I received the Outstanding GSI Award in Spring 2019. Below, you can find links to the course materials for the previous classes I have taught.

I am also a long-distance runner. I have run distances from 5K, 10K (PR 43:38), to half marathon (PR 1:36:17) and marathon. I also play the violin and guitar, and love music in general.

Publications and preprints

Here are links to my math papers and preprints:

1. J. Kuan and S. Canic. Deterministic ill-posedness and probabilistic well-posedness of the viscous nonlinear wave equation describing fluid-structure interaction. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 374 , 5925-5994, 2021. arXiv

2. J. Kuan and S. Canic. A stochastically perturbed fluid-structure interaction problem modeled by a stochastic viscous wave equation. Journal of Differential Equations 310 , 45-98, 2022. arXiv

3. J. Kuan, T. Oh, and S. Canic. Probabilistic global well-posedness for a viscous nonlinear wave equation modeling fluid-structure interaction. Applicable Analysis 101(12), 4349-4373, 2022. arXiv

4. J. Kuan and S. Canic. Well-posedness of soluutions to stochastic fluid-structure interaction. Submitted. arXiv

Selected Presentations

1. A stochastic fluid-structure interaction model given by a stochastic viscous wave equation. Given April 12, 2021. Abstract Slides

2. A stochastic fluid-structure interaction problem describing Stokes flow interacting with a membrane. Given September 8, 2021. Abstract Slides

Teaching Experience

Fall 2019: Math 54 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) (DIS 217/DIS 218)
Summer 2019: Math N54 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations)
Spring 2019: Math 1B (Calculus II)
Fall 2018: Math 1A (Calculus I)