Office: 1049 Evans

Mail: Izak (at) math (dot) berkeley (dot) edu


Izak Oltman

My name is Izak Oltman. I am an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and a fifth-year math graduate student at UC Berkeley studying analysis. My advisor is Maciej Zworski.

Here is my cv.

This semester I am co-organizing the Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations Seminar (HADES) with Ely Sandine, Ovidiu Avadanei, and Ben Pineau.

During the Spring of 2023, I co-organized HADES with Zhongkai Tao.

During the Fall of 2022, I organized a seminar on semi-classical analysis.

Spectral Theory Talk

Publications and preprints

  1. The spectrum of the Scottish flag operator (in preparation) with Frédéric Klopp.
  2. Instability of magic angles in twisted bilayer graphene (in preparation) with Simon Becker and Martin Vogel.
  3. Spectrally pathological differential operators subject to small random perturbations (in preparation) with Simon Becker and Martin Vogel.
  4. Magic angle (in)stability and mobility edges in disordered Chern insulators (arXiv: 2309:02701) with Simon Becker and Martin Vogel (submitted).
  5. Particle trajectories for quantum maps (to appear in Annales Henri Poincaré) (arXiv: 2210.03224) with Yonah Borns-Weil.
  6. A probabilistic Weyl-law for Berezin-Toeplitz operators, Journal of Spectral Theory, 13 (2023), no. 2, pp. 727-754 (arXiv:2207.09599).
  7. An exotic calculus of Berezin-Toeplitz operators (submitted) (arXiv:2207.09596).

Other math writing

  • Qualifying Exam Study Guide. This is a document I wrote to study for my qualifying exam that is riddled with typos and incomplete sections. It may be a helpful reference to others studying the subjects.
  • REU report on microfluidic device design completed at the University of California, Los Angeles (2018).


I passed my qualifying exam on April 12th, 2021. Here is my syllabus.

From 2020 - 2022 I was an officer of the Mathematics Graduate Student Association (MGSA) at UC Berkeley.

I also enjoy running, hiking, climbing, and playing violin.

I have crocheted a number of mathematical surfaces which can be seen here.

I believe I hold the current course record for 1600m at the Hearst Mining Circle: 5:33 , 5:23, 5:00.5.

Difficult Exam: link.