The UC Berkeley combinatorics seminar
Fall 2020 - Monday 12:10pm - 1pm
Zoom Meeting ID is 929 2014 2787 Password is the name of our favorite combinatorial sequence
Spring 2021 Website Organizers: Sylvie Corteel and Melissa Sherman-Bennett and Christopher Ryba

If you would like to speak or to be added to the seminar mailing list, contact Sylvie Corteel.

Spring 2021 website

DATE SPEAKER TITLE (click for an abstract)
Fall 2020
September 14th Christian Gaetz MIT The 1/3-2/3 Conjecture for Coxeter groups
Recording Pass/code: PG@RBC4Z
September 21st Sam Hopkins University of Minnesota Order Polynomial Product Formulas and Poset Dynamics
Recording Pass/code: 7EU9Lu+E
September 28th Andres Vindas Melendez University of Kentucky Decompositions of Ehrhart h*-polynomials for rational polytopes
Recording Pass/code: G50#ENqe
October 5th Anna Weigandt University of Michigan Grobner geometry of Schubert polynomials through ice
Recording Pass/code: wqZwY5#R
October 12th Melissa Sherman-Bennett Harvard and Berkeley Plabic graphs and cluster structures on positroid varieties
Recording Pass/code: C*ed^r48
October 19th Nicolle Gonzalez UCLA A topological approach to the shuffle conjecture
Recording Pass/code: 59D+%nzG
October 26th Rebecca Patrias University of Saint Thomas Webs and tableau promotion
Recording Pass/code: S0E%$08M
November 2nd Mariel Supina UC Berkeley The equivariant Ehrhart theory of the permutahedron
Recording Pass/code: .!qjQ8r5
November 9th Lisa Sauermann MIT, IAS On counting algebraically defined graphs
Recording Pass/code: W0b*@YB$
November 16th Alexander Mcdonough Brown U. A Higher-Dimensional Sandpile Map
Recording Pass/code: 23?&wuD
November 21st Organized by Anastasia Chavez UC Davis Bad Math Day
November 23rd Mario Sanchez UC Berkeley and Harvard Valuations and the Hopf monoid of Generalized Permutahedra
Recording Pass/code: b.63G0.e
November 30th Laura Colmenarejo U Mass Amherst Chromatic symmetric functions on unit interval orders and rook theory
Recording Pass/code: VJNEW8+Y
December 7th David Keating UC Berkeley A vertex model for LLT polynomials
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