The UC Berkeley combinatorics seminar
Monday 12:10pm - 1pm
939 Evans Hall
Organizers: Sylvie Corteel Berkeley and Bob Lutz MSRI

The seminar will be followed by lunch. If you would like to speak or to be added to the seminar mailing list, contact Sylvie Corteel corteel at berkeley dot edu

DATE SPEAKER TITLE (click for an abstract)
February 3rd Rekha Biswal MPIM Bonn Macdonald polynomials and level two Demazure modules for affine sl_{n+1}
February 10th Graham GordonUniversity of Washington Cycle type factorizations in GL_n F_q
February 17th President's day
February 24th Nicolle Gonzalez MSRI and UCLA Crystals for nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials
March 2nd
March 9th Helen Jenne University of Oregon
March 16th Melissa Sherman-Bennett UC Berkeley and Harvard Kazhdan-Lusztig immanants and k-positive matrices
March 23rd Spring break
March 30th Oleg Karpenkov U Liverpool
April 6th Brendan Pawlowski USC
April 13th Isabelle Shankar UC Berkeley
April 20th Rachel Lawrence UC Berkeley
April 27th Jesus de Loera UC Davis Combinatorics on the space of monotone paths of a polytope
May 4th Lisa Sauermann Stanford

DATE SPEAKER TITLE (click for an abstract)
September 9th Anastasia Chavez UC Davis Characterizing quotients of positroids
September 16th Christopher Eur UC Berkeley Logarithmic concavity for morphisms of matroids
September 23rd David Keating UC Berkeley Arctic Curves for Lecture Hall Tableaux
September 30th Mark Haiman UC Berkeley (q,t,u)-Catalan combinatorics and the Schiffmann algebra
October 7th Alex Heaton Max Planck Institute Graded multiplicity in harmonic polynomials
October 14th Einar Steingrimsson University of Strathclyde (UK) Permutation tableaux and two models in statistical mechanics
October 19th Bay Area Discrete Math Day California State University, Stanislaus.
October 21st Bob Lutz MSRI Matroids arising from electrical networks
October 28th (Power outage, postponed to Spring 2020) Melissa Sherman-Bennett UC Berkeley and Harvard Kazhdan-Lusztig immanants and k-positive matrices
November 4th Jehanne Dousse CNRS (France) Partition identities and representation theory
November 11th Holiday
November 18th Christos Athanasiadis University of Athens (Greece) Some instances of equivariant gamma-positivity in geometric combinatorics
November 25th Robert Krone UC Davis The tropical Cayley-Menger variety
December 2nd Isaac Konan Universite de Paris A round trip from crystal bases to integer partitions
December 9th Dan Romik UC Davis Finishing times in random sorting networks and staircase shape Young tableaux

Seminar in 2018-2019 (coorganized by S. Corteel and K. Serhiyenko)
DATE SPEAKER TITLE (click for an abstract)
May 6 Christopher Miller UC Berkeley LLT Polynomials, k-Schur Functions, and Positivity
April 29th Jose Simental Rodriguez UC Davis Representations of Hecke algebras and lattice-path counting.
April 22nd Katharina Jochemko KTH and Simons Institute Real-rooted h*-polynomials
April 15th Max Hlavacek UC Berkeley Dehn-Sommerville Equations for Eulerian Cubical Complexes
April 8th Anne Schilling UC Davis An insertion algorithm on multiset partitions
April 1st Ana Garcia Elsener University of Graz Cluster algebras and factorization
March 18 Raman Sanyal Goethe Universitat-Frankfurt and Simons Institute Cone valuations, Gram's relation, and combinatorics
March 11 Mario Sanchez UC Berkeley Mobius Inversion as Duality for Hopf Monoids
March 4 Nicolai ReshetikhinUC Berkeley On statistics of irreducible components
February 25 Wencin Poh UC Davis Characterization of queer supercrystals
February 11 Brett Kolesnik UC Berkeley Two probabilistic proofs of Moon's Theorem and the Bradley-Terry model
February 4 Bernd Sturmfels UC Berkeley and Max Planck Institute Varieties of signature tensors
January 28 Sam Payne MSRI and University of Texas at Austin Triangulations with vanishing local h-polynomials
November 26 Trevor Hyde Michigan Cyclotomic factors of necklace polynomials
November 19 Bob Lutz Michigan
The seminar will be at MSRI in the Edward D. Baker Board Room at 12:10pm
Electrical networks and hyperplane arrangements
November 5 Curtis Greene MSRI and Haverford College Inequalities for families of symmetric functions
October 29 Sami Assaf USC Nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials and Demazure characters
October 22 Mariel Supina UC Berkeley The Hopf monoid of orbit polytopes and its character group
October 15 Michael Singer MSRI Walks, Groups and Difference Equations
October 8 Dan Romik UC Davis The Taylor coefficients of the Jacobi theta constant \theta_3
October 1 Thomas McConville MSRI Coherence of cellular strings of zonotopes
September 24 Foster Tom UC Berkeley Near-Equality of Ribbon Schur Functions
September 17 Christopher Eur UC Berkeley Divisors on matroids and their volumes
September 10 Volkmar Welker MSRI The determinant of the Varchenko Matrix for oriented matroids.
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