UC Berkeley combinatorics seminar, Fall 2016
Mondays 12:10-1:00, 939 Evans Hall
CCN: 18828
Organizers: Steven Karp and Khrystyna Serhiyenko

The UC Berkeley combinatorics seminar meets on Mondays, roughly once every two weeks. The TACOS seminar meets on alternate weeks. If you would like to be added to (or removed from) the seminar email list, contact skarp@berkeley.edu.

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
August 29 Steven Karp, UC Berkeley The m=1 amplituhedron and cyclic hyperplane arrangements
September 5 Labor Day
September 12 Qiao Zhou, UC Berkeley Convex polytopes for the central degeneration of the affine Grassmannian
September 19 Anne Schilling, UC Davis The fixed point forest and a Markov chain on semaphore codes
September 26 Pierre Simon, UC Berkeley Model theory, finite VC-dimension and the strong Erdős-Hajnal property
October 3
October 10 Alexander Postnikov, MIT Positive Grassmannian and polytopes
October 17
October 24 Federico Ardila, SFSU The algebraic and combinatorial structure of generalized permutahedra
October 31, 2:10-3:00 in 740 Evans Hall Einar Steingrímsson, University of Strathclyde A tale of two permutation tableaux
November 7 Gaku Liu, MIT A counterexample to the extension space conjecture for realizable oriented matroids
November 14 Karola Mészáros, Cornell University Realizing subword complexes via triangulations of root polytopes
November 21 Ralf Schiffler, University of Connecticut Cluster algebras, snake graphs and continued fractions
November 28
December 5

Upcoming semester: Spring 2017.