Mode stability for Kerr(-de Sitter) black holes

The HADES seminar on Tuesday, November 28th, will be at 3:30pm in Room 740.

Speaker: Rita Teixeira da Costa

Abstract: The Teukolsky master equations are a family of PDEs describing the linear behavior of perturbations of the Kerr black hole family, of which the wave equation is a particular case. As a first essential step towards stability, Whiting showed in 1989 that the Teukolsky equation on subextremal Kerr admits no exponentially growing modes. In this talk, we review Whiting’s classical proof and a recent adaptation thereof to the extremal Kerr case. We also present a new approach to mode stability, based on uncovering hidden spectral symmetries in the Teukolsky equations. Part of this talk is based on joint work with Marc Casals (CBPF/UCD).

This talks complements yesterday’s Analysis & PDE seminar, but will be self-contained.

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