Methods for sharp well-posedness for completely integrable PDE

The HADES seminar on Tuesday, November 14th, will be at 3:30pm in Room 740.

Speaker: Thierry Laurens

Abstract:We will describe some of the methods used to prove sharp well-posedness for the Benjamin–Ono equation in the class of H^s spaces, namely, the method of commuting flows. Since its introduction by Killip and Visan in 2019, this groundbreaking approach to completely integrable systems has been adapted to a wide variety of models in order to prove sharp well-posedness results that were previously inaccessible. In this talk, we will describe some of the overarching principles of the method of commuting flows, with a focus on how these ideas were implemented in the case of the Benjamin–Ono equation. This is based on joint work with Rowan Killip and Monica Visan.

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