Online Seminars During COVID-19.

Webinar on Analysis and PDEs.

Happy Hours Talk.


Upcoming Events

Mathematical Problems in Fluid Dynamics, MSRI, January 19, 2021 – May 28, 2021.

Introduction to water waves, MSRI, July 27, 2020 – August 07, 2020.

MSRI workshops, August to December, 2019.

Microlocal Analysis and Spectral Theory, October 2019.

South California Analysis and PDE Conference, November 2019.

Expository Articles

Subcritical Scattering for Defocusing NLS, by Jason Murphy (UC Berkeley).

Generalizations of Fourier Analysis, and How to Apply Them, by W.T. Gowers.

A Study Guide for the l^2 Decoupling Theorem, by Jean Bourgain and Ciprian Demeter.

Notes on hyperbolic dynamics, by Semyon Dyatlov.


Analysis and PDE Seminar

Bay Area Microlocal Analysis Seminar

Analysis Video Seminar (Paris – Berkeley – Bonn – Zurich)