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Note about the CalMail conversion

After the transition to CalMail, the imap server on will continue to run for a while to allow for you to migrate your mailboxes. We recommend that you not delete your math email account settings from your mail client for a while after you have setup your Calmail account. The accounts will be separate in your mail client, which will easily keep track of both. Below are instructions on how to set up accounts both using the math department server and the Calmail server. Before you set up your Calmail account, go to the Calmail Web page to create your new password. See the FAQ on how to do this. The outgoing mail SMTP server will keep running for a very short while after the migration but will go away very soon. We recommend that you use the calmail server ( exclusively.

Email Configuration

Mac OS X 10.5

Apple's own mail client, called "Mail" or ""

Open Mail. If this is the first time you've run Mail, you'll be prompted to add an account. If not, choose File -> Add Account...

Fill in the first screen with your appropriate details:

OSX-Mail-Add Account.png

On the next screen, enter

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server:


On the next screen, enter

  • Outgoing Mail server:


On the final screen, verify the details and create the account:


You need not set any IMAP prefix.

Close the preferences window, choosing to save your changes when prompted. Then restart Mail (by quitting and reopening it) to have your changes take effect.

After this we recommend you check your SMTP servers. Do this by again selecting Accounts from the Preferences menu. You should find the following pane:Smtp.png

Select the popup list called Outing Mail Server to be sure it is set to


(Content not available yet.)

Windows Vista

(Content not available yet.)



Here one user got pine working on the math department servers:

The relevant parts of my .pinerc are:
folder-collections=Mail {}mail/[]


There is also a Calmail_alpine page.


Instructions for using mutt with IMAP for Calmail are on the Calmail_mutt page.