Math 256B - Algebraic Geometry

InstructorPaul Vojta
LecturesMWF 11:10–12:00, Evans 31
Class Number26733
Office883 Evans
Office HoursMondays 12:30–1:30, Wednesdays 1–2, Fridays 1–2,
excluding spring break and university holidays.
Please email me to set up a time to meet if you cannot make any of these times.
PrerequisitesMath 256A
Required TextHartshorne, Algebraic Geometry, Springer
SyllabusThe course will pick up where 256A left off and finish Chapter II though Section 8. After that, we will proceed on to do much of Chapter III (Cohomology).
GradingGrades will be based on homework assignments, and possibly in-class quizzes. There will be no final exam, but the last problem set will be due about a week after the last day of classes.
Homework Weekly or biweekly, assigned in class, generally due on Mondays
CommentsI tend to follow the book fairly closely, but try to give interesting exercises and examples.


No.DateTitle Download
1January 17 Some local algebra for II 8.17 pdf dvi
2March 21 Proof of II 8.17 – revised 4/2 (small changes) pdf dvi

Homework Assignments

In these assignments, you may use earlier exercises from the book without proving them. (For problems not from the book, use common sense or ask me.)

Solutions for these assignments (those that have been graded, that is) are available on bCourses.

11/29 dvi pdf
22/5 II Ex. 1.19, 5.6, 5.9
32/12 dvi pdf
42/21 dvi pdf
5 2/26
Do not hand in
II Ex. 2.17;
III Ex. 3.1, 3.2, 4.1
63/5 III Ex. 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, 5.1
73/12 dvi pdf
83/19 dvi pdf
9 4/2
Do not hand in
dvi pdf
104/9 dvi pdf
114/16 dvi pdf
124/23 dvi pdf
134/30 dvi pdf
145/9 5pm dvi pdf (This is now the final version.)

Last updated 2 May 2018