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Research Page: faculty & students in our computational radiation biology group; topics; techniques and results.
Papers, 2003-2005.   Titles
Papers, 2006-2008.   Titles.
Papers, 2007-2009.   Tufts Center for Cancer Systems Biology website with Abstracts.
Federal grants.   Abstracts of externally funded projects.
Chromosome Aberrations Produced by Ionizing Radiation: Quantitative Studies. An internet textbook at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NLM/PubMed/NIH). Beta test version; 1/3 completed.
CV.   Ray Sachs, Research Professor of Mathematics and Professor Emeritus of Math & Physics, UC Berkeley.

  • Programs for simulating and analyzing radiation produced chromosome aberrations are available at the CRC (Computational Radiation Cytogenetics) web site maintained at UCB by Sachs.
  • TangleSolve (Topological analysis of site-specific recombination).   At Mariel Vazquez' home page.
  • Links to other sites:
  • Home pages of colleagues.   Computational biologists at UCB math and computational radiobiologists elsewhere.
  • Home page of UCB math department.
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