Rui Wang   王蕊


Department of Mathematics, UC-Berkeley.

Office: 833 Evans Hall

Email: ruiwang AT berkeley DOT edu

CV 2020

Research Interests: symplectic geometry, contact geometry, mathematical physics.

Current Teaching

  • Math 185 Section 1 and 5, Introduction to complex analysis. Office Hours: MW 1pm-2:30pm or by appointment.

    Lecture Note before Midterm


    On orbifold Lie groupoids and orbifold Gromov-Witten theory:

  • Double ramification cycles with orbifold targets. [with Bohui Chen and Cheng-Yong Du] Preprint 2020. pdf
  • Orbifold Gromov-Witten theory of weighted blowups. [with Bohui Chen and Cheng-Yong Du] Accepted by Science China Mathematics 2020. pdf
  • The Groupoid structure of groupoid morphisms. [with Bohui Chen and Cheng-Yong Du] Published at Journal of Geometry and Physics 145 (2019) 10348. pdf
  • Symplectic neighborhood theorem for symplectic orbifold groupoids. [with Bohui Chen and Cheng-Yong Du] Published at ACTA Mathematica Sinica, Chinese series. pdf
  • On Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten theory:

  • The asymptotic behavior of finite energy symplectic vortices with admissible metrics. [with Bohui Chen and Bai-Ling Wang] Published at Science China (Chinese Version), Mathematics, 2019. English, Chinese.
  • L2-Moduli spaces of symplectic vortices on Riemann surfaces with cylindrical ends. [with Bohui Chen and Bai-Ling Wang] Preprint 2015. Submitted. pdf
  • On pseudo-holomoprhic curves in contact manifolds:

  • Analysis of contact Cauchy-Riemann maps II: Canonical neighbourhoods and exponential convergence for the Morse-Bott case [with Yong-Geun Oh] Published at Nagoya Mathematical Journal (2017): 1-96. pdf, journal version
  • Analysis of contact Cauchy-Riemann maps I: a priori $C^k$ estimates and asymptotic convergence [with Yong-Geun Oh] Published at Osaka Journal of Mathematics (2017). pdf
  • Canonical connection on contact manifolds [with Yong-Geun Oh] Published at Real and Complex Submanifolds. Springer Japan, 2014. 43-63. journal version
  • Undergraduate research on ODEs:

  • Quasi-periodic solutions for reversible oscillators at resonance [with Bin Liu] Preprint 2006. pdf
  • Past Teaching at UC-Berkeley

    Teaching Statement & Evaluation 2019

  • Math 54, Linear algebra and differential equations. Lecture Note

  • Math 104, Introduction to analysis. Lecture Note

  • Math 113, Introduction to Abstract Algebra. Lecture Note

  • Math 185, Introduction to complex analysis.

  • Math 140, Introduction to differential geometry.

    Past Teaching at UC-Irvine

    Teaching Statement 2017

  • Math 3A, Linear algebra.

  • Math 2D, Multivariable calculus 1. Lecture Note

  • Math 2E, Multivariable calculus 2.

  • Math 120A, Group theory. Lecture Note

  • Math 120B, Ring and field theory.

  • Math 118, Theory of ordinary differential equations. Lecture Note

  • Math 161, Modern geometry. Lecture Note

  • Math 199, Undergraduate research.

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