Talking About Combinatorial Objects Student seminar (TACOS)

Fridays 1-2 (unless otherwise noted), Room 748 Evans, Spring 2018

Organizers: Melissa Sherman-Bennett and Mario Sanchez

CCN: 15772

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract) References/Notes
2/2 Katrina Biele Introduction to Coxeter groups Introductory Talk Guidelines
2/9 Chris Miller Root systems
2/16 Max Hlavacek Finite reflection groups
2/23 Isabelle Shankar Bruhat order
3/2 Nic Brody Geometry of Coxeter groups
3/9 Mariel Supina Generalized permutohedra
3/16 Chris Eur Coxeter matroids
3/23 Charles Wang Combinatorics and geometry of flag varieties
3/30 Spring Break No talk
4/6 Jeremy Meza Hecke algebras and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials Notes
4/13 Mario Sanchez Noncrossing partitions
4/27 Melissa Sherman-Bennett Generalized associahedra and cluster algebras
5/4 Andres Rodriguez Hopf Structures on Generalized Permutahedra UNUSUAL TIME (2-3)

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