Talking About Combinatorial Objects Student seminar (TACOS)

Fridays 1-2 (unless otherwise noted), Room 748 Evans, Fall 2017

Organizers: Melissa Sherman-Bennett and Chris Miller

CCN: 16979

Date and Time Speaker Subject References/Notes
Sept. 15 Mariel Supina Introductory Talk
Sept. 22 Melissa Sherman-Bennett Oriented Matroids
Sept. 29 Max Hlavacek On Matroid Minors
Oct 6 Theo, Mario, Chris Menagerie of Matroids Special Time: 12-1
Oct. 20 Mario Sanchez The Matroid-Minor Hopf Algebra
Oct. 27 Chris Eur Tutte Polynomial of a Matroid
Nov. 03 Leon Zhang Oriented Matroids and Linear Programming
Nov. 17 Jonathan Leake Matroid Representability via Stable Polynomials
Dec. 1 Charles Wang Grassmannians, Matroids, and Flags
Dec. 08 Madeline Brandt Matroids and Tropical Linear Spaces

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