Berkeley Number Theory Learning Seminar, Fall 2019

This weekly seminar is organized by Melanie Matchett Wood.


The topic for this semester is arithmetic statistics of function fields via Hurwitz spaces.

The first meeting of the seminar will be on Wednesday September 4. Please come to volunteer give a talk.

See here for details and references on what each talk should cover. You may also email Melanie (mmwood) to volunteer to give a talk.


Libby Taylor is posting some notes for the seminar. You can ask her to access to the overleaf file if you would like to help make any edits to the notes.

Schedule (Wednesday 3:40-5:00pm, 740 Evans)

Date Speaker Topic
September 4 Melanie Matchett Wood Introduction and organization
September 11 Thomas Browning Moments determining a distribution and Class group counting as field counting
September 18 Ian Gleason Grothendieck-Lefschetz trace formula
September 25 Michael Seaman Introduction to Hurwitz spaces
October 2 Yanshuai Qin More Hurwitz spaces
October 9 CANCELLED Berkeley closed due to power outage
October 16 Zixin Jiang Algebraic lifting invariants I and components of Hurwitz spaces over the complex numbers
October 30 Libby Taylor Algebraic lifting invariants II
Nov 6 Sander Mack-Crane and Roy Zhao Example: the 5-part of real quadratic fields for large q, and Implications of Homological Stability
November 13 Alexander Bertoloni Meli Homological Stability I
November 20 Rahul Dalal Homological Stability II
December 4 DongGyu Lim Homological Stability III

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