Berkeley Number Theory Seminar, Fall 2016

The weekly seminar will contain two types of talks. The first type will be the usual seminar talks given by invited speakers with (rather random) topics determined by them. The second type will be a series of coherent talks given by local people (mostly graduate students) around a fixed central topic. We will refer these as type I and type II in the schedule table below.

Central topic

The fixed central topic for this semester is TORSION CLASSES IN THE COHOMOLOGY OF SHIMURA VARIETIES, as in a recent work of Scholze. For a plan of the series, please click here. Please come to volunteer a talk.

Schedule (Wednesday 3:40-5:00pm, 939 Evans)

Date Speaker Type Topic
Aug 24 Sug Woo Shin (Berkeley) II Introduction and organization (plan)
Aug 31 Alex Carney (Berkeley) II Siegel modular varieties
Sept 7 Dylan Yott (Berkeley) II Cohomology of locally symmetric spaces and automorphic forms
Sept 14 Watson Ladd (Berkeley) II Main results on the global Langlands correspondence
Sept 21 Sander Mack-Crane (Berkeley) II Borel-Serre compactification and reduction to liftability
Sept 26, 28, 30 special seminar series: Ahmed Abbes, 3:40-5:00pm, 939 Evans Hall, Lifting the Cartier transform of Ogus-Vologodsky modulo p^n
Oct 5 Joe Stahl (Berkeley) II Introduction to adic spaces
Oct 12 Ravi Fernando (Berkeley) II Introduction to perfectoid spaces
Oct 19 Eugenia Rosu (Berkeley) I

Integers that can be written as the sum of two rational cubes (abstract)

Oct 26 Alex Youcis (Berkeley) II Canonical subgroups with application to Siegel modular varieties
Nov 2 Alexander Bertoloni Meli (Berkeley) II Hodge-Tate period morphism and perfectoid Gamma(p^infty)-level Siegel modular varieties, I
Nov 9 Alex Youcis (Berkeley) II Hodge-Tate period morphism and perfectoid Gamma(p^infty)-level Siegel modular varieties, II
Nov 16 Cheng-Chiang Tsai (MIT) I

Local compactified Jacobians, orbital integrals and uniform bounds (abstract)

Nov 23 none no talk
Nov 30 Jessica Fintzen (U of Michigan) I

On the Moy-Prasad filtration and supercuspidal representations (abstract)

Dec 7 Eugenia Rosu (Berkeley) II Lifting mod p cohomology classes to Siegel cuspforms in char 0

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